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Geomancer Alex Champion Interview and Memory

Bulletin: I was sad to learn just now that the wonderful geomancer and labyrinth-maker Alex Champion died in November, 2021, at home, "on his own terms". He was my friend, but with Covid, we had been out of touch. Alex was in my film Dancing With Gaia, talking about how "When you honor the world around you, the energy comes in." So true! Here is a link to him at his best,  being interviewed about this and related ideas in "On Labyrinths and Leys with Alex Champion" https://adventuresindowsing.com/aid-054-on-labyrinths-and-leys-with-alex-champion/
He says the most high energy-producing of the ley type patterns he made were the Vesica Piscis and the "nine-vesica-petalled-flower-designs".  These would wind up having similar crossing lines to what we find in the Enneasphere, which has eight vesica-shaped petals due to the overlapping of the eight Spheres.  Below are pictures of his book. Hail the Traveler! Long may he live!



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