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  • Feraferia Library   ( 2 Articles )

    This tiny building is packed with fabulous treasures that inspired the founders and records their ideas. Find out more below.

  • Film Projects   ( 4 Articles )

    Jo has worked on dozens of film projects, many in the California film industry. Near to her heart are a groundbreaking (and award winning) short, "Himalayan Pilgrimage", "A Dance for the Goddess", and a feature length documentary, "Dancing With Gaia".

    Himalayan Pilgrimage was shot in 16 mm on location in Nepal in 1971.

    A Dance for the Goddess was shot in 1973, and shows some early feraferian rituals, and more.

    Dancing With Gaia was filmed over a 20 year period, and covers many aspects of Feraferia.

  • Art   ( 1 item )

    Fred was an artist, and painted many Goddess images. We have posted some of them here...

  • Book Reviews   ( 3 Articles )

    Some of the books in the Feraferia library are phenomenal. Read reviews of a few of them here...

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    This is the new Blog. Find out about the latest Library Explorations

  • Interviews   ( 7 Articles )

    Here are a range of interviews about the making of Dancing With Gaia...