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What is Feraferia?


Feraferia is many things - a religion, a way of life, a philosophy, and a kind of magic. It's nature magic.

The name means celebration of wildness, and it's based on the Latin word roots; "fera" as in wild (feral), and "feria" which means festival. Feraferia is a faery faith; the images and feeling tones of faery inform how we want to live on earth. The Fay are our model for living intimately with nature rather than dominating it.

Earth is seen as a vast land-sky-love body, and we are dancing on it and with it, all the time. Feraferia is a religion, but it is very different from religions that are about hierarchies and power figures. Feraferia is about recognizing the sacred joy within, and the paradise all around us in wild nature.

We have a series of nine seasonal celebrations of the sacred points of the year, which are called The 9 Royal Passions

The year is seen as a continual courtship between Moon and Sun. For example, on May Day, in the middle of Spring, Moon and Sun become engaged. At this time flowers are in full bloom. Then on the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, we have the sacred marriage of the Lord Sun and Lady Moon, and pollination takes place for many plants.

Feraferia was founded by mainly by visionary Fred Adams, with a lot of help and input from his partner Svetlana Butyrin, or Lady Svetlana, as she liked to be called. Feraferia was incorporated as a Church in the State of California on August 2, 1967. It is a 501(c)3 non-profit. Members of Feraferia are spread here and there across America and even in Amsterdam.

Faeries and the Great Fay embody the great forces of Nature. They are real enough that we call on them and look to them for advice and wisdom.

We follow the Faery Paths, which help us live and dance lightly on the earth.


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