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Earth Meditation


Gaia Assembly

by Frederick McLaren Adams

At 9pm light a candle as you face north and say:

Gaia Cthon! (sound a bell)

Let those of us who would serve You

All meet in or through the living

Core of the Earth, Your beating heart,

Whither this flame flees.

At this point, blow out the flame and imagine that you are following it down into the center of the Earth, whose core could be pictured as a glowing white star, then say:

Here at the center of the Earth,

In the white star womb,

Let us reweave the web of sacred places

Among the folds of earth's skyward flesh

And preserve the raiment of Gaia

In which She emerged from the last ice age

That precious viridian raiment

Wherein She gave us birth, nurtured us, and

Taught us all the ways of love......

Now let us return that love to Her,

And share it with all Her children,

And from this time forward,

Serve Her well,

Making good relations with all beings.

Now imagine you are watching the flame, that you see it again, there in the center of the earth, and follow it back upwards to the surface, until you are home again, back in your body. You can then relight the candle if you wish, to let it burn a while and say: Ho! So Be It!


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