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What is a Phytala?


The Phytala is the symbol of Feraferia. It embodies the tree of life, the Moon and Sun, a wreath of flowers, and specifically the young, budding branches of a fruit tree. The ongoing growth and gift of fruit trees provides humanity with a guarantee of food, "with harm done to none". The twisted main trunk seen in some of the Phytalas symbolizes the male and female life streams, the ida and pingala energy channels which surround the chakras and spinal column (see second Phytala, below.) A careful eye can also see the traditional symbol for female within the Phytala.


In addition, you can perform the "phytala" ritual with movement as a form of devotion.

(instructions on how to do this are HERE)

We also have pendants in the form of a Phytala for sale in both Silver and Bronze.

Sterling Silver, 2 oz., 2 7/8 " - $150

Silver Phytala

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Solid Bronze, 2 7/8" - $40

Bronze Phytala