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"Dancing With Gaia" invites us to sense and feel ourselves as part of her, of Gaia, and brings the feeling of wholeness and joy. It is a very deep and touching experience.

Ruth Denison, Buddhist teacher


Jo Carson's "Dancing With Gaia" is a beautiful and inspiring film, which presents the Gaia Thesis in the context of ecstatic spirituality and sacred sexuality. As a long-time member of Feraferia, Jo incorporates rare footage and interviews with Feraferia's late founding genius, Fred Adams, whose visionary art and writings on the Goddess were a profound inspiration to early Pagan founders of the 1960s. Many other well-known figures in the Goddess community are interviewed as well--including Francesca DeGrandis, Joan Marler, Cerridwen Fallingstar, and the late Monica Sjoo. A lovely catalyst towards The Awakening!

Oberon Zell, founder, Church of All Worlds


Just watched your film, Dancing with Gaia. You are to be congratulated, very nicely put together, very moving, wonderful images, the music - I thought I recognized Marty's (Martin Gregory) style. I felt energy multiple times while watching it. I liked the fact that there were many ideas about how to connect to the earth, very practical, which I like. It will also be an excellent introduction to the beginning person wanting to learn how to connect the earth, and for people like myself who will enjoy the wonderful feeling of the film.

Alex Champion, PhD, Geomancer


“Dancing with Gaia” is a magical, transformative film. Just watching it can alter your perception of the physical body and energy field of the Goddess Earth. Next time you are taking a walk or simply gazing across the landscape, you might find yourself effecting “mystical fusion” with the local Earth forms, or making “deep contact” with the Spirits of Place. If you want to engage deeper with the Consciousness of the Earth, there are a number of detailed but simple how-tos. What's more, seeing the exquisite works of these Gaia-inspired artists could energize you to start working on some of your own spiritually expressive projects!

Janina Renée, author of “Playful Magic,” “By Candlelight,” and more.


I loved this film. Quite simply sublime!

Le'ema Kathleen Graham, Author


"I was truly touched and even awed by your film. I don't think I can comment on it adequately until I've had a chance to watch it a couple more times. I really appreciate that there is so much substantive information to digest! For example, the info about henges and tracing the horizon line is all new to me and totally fascinating. The film was obviously very beautiful, and I was amazed how you were able to capture so many of the descriptions visually, and seamlessly connect vintage footage with modern. I especially loved when images were dynamically superimposed on each other, like the lace with the water, and the dancing in the flowering meadow. A visual feast, and with so many layers. I am also so pleased to have been introduced to Monica Sjoo and her work. It's so important for Pagans to become aware of our heritage - it seems easily lost among so many new books - and the film really brought me home in a new way"

Drucilla Pettibone