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Spring Equinox Proclamation


Spring Equinox Proclamation from the Shadow Land of Stars


A polite word of caution to all transistorized ogres

A cordial invitation to all Apprentice Elves


From behind the North Wind, the Faerie Spirits are now returning into their ancestral abodes: rocks, pools, trees, mountains, airs, forests, clouds, rain, flowers, feathers, fields and fur!


The reclamationists of Titania and Oberon will restore all wastelands of metropolis, machinery, money and mobs - cities, factories, dams, slaughter houses, zoos, prisons, concentration camps, laboratory torture chambers, bomb and rocket hatcheries, auto slave-ways - all refuse heaps, junk yards, and smog pits of "snivilization" - to the oaken arms and willow legs of wildness.

The Forest Fools will twirl and tickle bull dozers and and buzz saws out of the sacred groves and holy hills.

The Sylphs will ring the Moon, high altar of Night, and all celestial thrones, against the electro-robotic rapists of jet propulsion.

Techno-propulsion's blast-off will back-fire the faerie whirlwind everywhere; so rise up, wild-flower children; Aunt Windy wants You!

Help the our Sister of the Mirage and Echo sweep and sing our Earth-home clean!  Rejoin Pan in the Enchanted forest: re-learn the mute language of all Nature; accept the Covenant of the Great Trees; Re-join the love procession to Paradise!


------------- Les Fees




©1967 Feraferia



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