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The Cosmic Tree


A diagram of correspondences between different parts of the Cosmic Tree and soul, zones, realms, planes and worlds.

Cosmic Tree Levels:

1.  The Outer Perimeter of a tree's canopy as both the horizon, the Girdle of Body, and the landscape of waking fantasy. It corresponds to objective attention and fancy.

2.  The Outer Bark as the Earth Equator: Girdle of Elemental Fantasy, and realm of hypnogogic and pompic fantasy.

3.  The Inner Bark corresponds to the Celestial equator: Girdle of Dream, and deep dream sleep: intra-psychic channels between souls, "living" and "dead."

4.  The Cambium corresponds to the Zodiac: Girdle of Myth; and the archetypal interaction of souls and deities.

5.  The Sapwood corresponds to the Ring of Precession: Girdle of Fate; and the formation of lives and world lines (longitudes and latitudes).

6.  The Heartwood forms the Galaxy: Girdle of Worlds and the formation of World Frames (the North/South Axis, the terrestrial Equator, the magnetosphere).

7.  The Taproot connects to the Bride Body of Cosmos, and to the formation of Dimensions: Cosmic Totality.


Level 1 - forms the (Endo-) plasmic or Physical body.

Levels 2 - 3 form the Skiasmic (Ecto-) plasmic or dream Body. (Shadow; the Egyptian "Ka")

Levels 3 - 4 form the Etheric Interplanetary Body (Pneuma Ochema; the Egyptian "Ba")

Levels 5 - 7 form the Astral (Intersidereal) Body. (Aither, Augoeides: the Egyptian "Khoo")


As the Soul moves deeper into herself, the presence relates progressively to more universal contexts:

The first Intersection: Daily rotation and the Zodiac. (One sees different parts of the Zodiac's constellations each night as one moves through the 365-day year. Seeing the constellations reminds us of their mythic and archetypal stories, which can clarify our lives.- jc)

The Second Intersection: Astermismos  and the 28 day cycle. (This likely refers to ancient astrological concept of dividing the sky into 28 equal parts or sections, each associated with a particular star grouping - an asterism. These sections were used to track the positions of celestial objects, predict events, or mark times for ritual or agricultural purposes. This sort of prediction and planning describes getting guidance from the stars, not unlike the use of astrology.-jc)

The Third Intersection: Phanismos and the 30 day cycle). (It takes the Moon 29.53 days to completely orbit Earth; this is usually rounded to 30 days, so calendar months average 30 days. The Zodiac is often divided into 30-degree segments, with each house corresponding to one of them. The term "phanismos" generally refers to the impermanance of life, the passing away of physical living things, the vanishing or disappearance of each physical life-cycle over time. Consciousness moves beyond physical specifics. - jc)

Behind the circles of Tree Layers you will see the dim outline of the Planetary Sphere arrangement on the  Enneasphere: the Grand Cosmothonic Tuning System for the Age of Aquarius. - jc)

By Fred Adams; additional notes by Jo Carson (jc)

©1972 Fred McLaren Adams for Feraferia




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