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Pentagram, Queen of Heaven


The idea that the pentagram is sacred goes back a long ways. As is revealed at the heart of some initiations, a horizontally sliced apple reveals a pentagram of seeds at its core. One who studies the heavens for some time will note that the pattern of movement taken by our closest sister planet, Venus (sometimes called "Queen of Heaven"), is also that of a pentagram or five petaled star. As above, so below...as was noted very long ago.

Venus was not called Queen of Heaven for nothing. According to Giorgio de Santillana's "Reflections on Men and Ideas"1, "Venus turns out to be a model of reliability, the timekeeper as it were of planetary periods." A period here means the interval of time after which the same planetary positions repeat themselves with respect to the fixed stars and the Sun. Venus' period is 8 years. Venus became the Celestial Queen, invested again and again with the "starry mantle", meaning "Earth - in- Heaven."2 "Venus seems to have been a kind of pledge, reassuring the earliest astronomers of the reality of invariable order behind the apparent confusion. "Read More....

1 - p. 117 - From the Feraferian Library, see short description here.

2 - Ibid., p. 117



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Great article!

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