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Feraferia Tomorrow...


There are thousands of books to peruse in the Feraferian Library - many with notes made by Fred over the years.

...Also letters: Fred kept up an active correspondence with many of the thinkers of the day, including Anais Nin, Timothy Leary, Arthur Janinger, Max Freedom Long, and Robert Graves.

Copious notes and manuscripts describing various Things Feraferian...

As we assemble material for the upcoming "Book of Feraferia", I'll also be posting snippets and ideas regularly in this Blog.

Looking forward to sharing, and seeing what others have to say!



+1 #1 Jo C 2012-10-11 20:43
We had a great time at the University of California Santa Barbara's Research Library, reading material in the Feraferia Collection there. About 10 years ago Fred Adams gave them a large number of his writings and books, which form this Collection. We have a whole new stack of great material now to share, and a list of the books Fred thought important enough to donate. First up, digitizing the correspondence between Fred and Huna teacher Max Freedom Long, who influenced many others including Victor Anderson.

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