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From an interview with Jo Carson:

Q: I understand you have created a Feraferia Library, and aren't you writing a book, too?

A: Yes, this is all part of a big extended effort. We have built a small, freestanding library just to hold Fred's collection of esoteric, spiritual writings and books. Many of them are quite phenomenal, and it's amazing to have them accessible. Our hope is that eventually more members of Feraferia can visit us to do research, and be inspired to have the same passionate love for earth that Fred and Svetlana had when they created this beautiful approach to living.

The Library is also crucial for the book project. We are working on "The Book of Feraferia", which is now running about 600 pages long. It contains all the essential rites and writings of Feraferia. Some of the pieces of it are on this website already. We will be adding more as various parts are transcribed, (If you would like to help with this, please let us know). Eventually, when the Book of Feraferia is printed up, it will be available here also.

While the "Book of Feraferia" looks to be quite comprehensive, while compiling it, the need for something more introductory and accessible became apparent. Not only that, but there are numerous Feraferian works of art that it would be wonderful to share with the world. All that has come together with the new book, "Celebrate Wildness" available on this site.

We are still working on this website too, of course. It will be changing as we add new tracts of esoteric information, parts of the upcoming book, pictures and other tidbits. Are there things you would like to see first on the site? Let us know... and check back to see how this work in progress is coming along...

We have another website which has been around quite a bit longer, which is run by Phaedrus, (Peter Tromp), our member in Amsterdam. You can find it at Feraferia Welcome.



+1 #1 singtothewind 2016-05-26 10:38
I would love to help with The Book of Feraferia in any way! Please let me know what I can do. Thank you!
-Samantha Shaver

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