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Pathways to Paradise Part 2 — Going Deeper


Two Kores

Interview by Sonja Sadovsky, author of The Priestess and the Pen

Welcome to the second installment of my fascinating interview with Jo Carson, author of Celebrate Wildness: Magic, Mirth and Love on the Feraferia Path. Today’s article explores concepts related to sacred sexuality and embodied experience from a Feraferian perspective. Jo continues to describe techniques of ecstatic dance and trance techniques unique to the Feraferian tradition. We begin by discussing the importance of connecting with the Divine through our physical bodies, and how our senses are a sacred connection and guide toward wisdom while on Earth. Jo describes how memory and dream work are the building blocks of strengthening psychic awareness and increasing one’s ability to do lucid dreaming. We conclude by examining the Western tradition of courtly love, and how these practices relate in part 2.


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