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Katrina Messenger on Kore in Celebrate Wildness


Katrina Messenger, who describes herself as "a radical feminist of African, Cherokee & Irish descent" and Poet, Priestess, Warrior and Witch, wrote about "Celebrate Wildness: Magic, Mirth and Love on the Feraferia Path" in her blog "Katrina's Joy." She included this: "I am especially in awe of the raising of the Maiden as the cure to our collective patriarchal madness. Kore becomes more than a fair maiden who becomes swept away; she becomes the empowering life principle within us all to counter the toxic influences of our Western culture. Hail Kore! She is the cleansing and refreshing water that soothes our parched throats, washes away the ashes, and heals our burning flesh. She is the healing balm and the tsunami of change we have all been aching for in our hearts."


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