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Highlights of the Journey, Making "Dancing With Gaia"


What were some highlights as you made this film?

Magical, unexpected things, like getting to film alone inside New Grange with almost zero prior notice; having a photo of several statues of the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmetin the London Museum come back from processing with amazing halos around their heads; there were no windows or any direct lighting there, so there was no visible source for such a phenomena.

And just people, they can be so great - like when I got lost way out in the countryside of Greece while I was searching for a Goddess temple and there were these strangers who spoke only Greek, they went way out of their way to help me find a way back. I'll never forget this one farmer who couldn't let me leave without tasting his wonderful tomatoes and cucumbers - he was so proud of them.

And a thing happened in Ireland - land of no street signs, I think - where a woman literally got someone else to look after the cash register of her mini-mart so she could drive ahead of me to show me where to find the right turn-off on the road. Wow.