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Feraferia at PantheaCon


Feraferia Celebrated Oimec at PantheaCon, Sunday February 19, 2012

Feraferaia (a Love Culture for Wilderness & Celebration of Wildness) offered a dance to the Goddess, an Oimelc/Candlemas rite with the faeries of wild nature at PantheaCon, this year.

For those not familiar, PantheaCon is one of the larger Pagan gatherings out there...

Here was the description of us in the PantheaCon program, derived from Fred Adams' original writings:

"Feraferia - A Dance for the Goddess: Feraferia is nature oriented, poetic tribal Folk and Faerie Lore, festival forms, magic, esoteric religions, erotic systems of spiritual development, ecstasy and vision quest, divinations, enchantments, seasonal and regional nature communion, wild-food gathering information, organic horticulture, nature blending arts and crafts, research into communication between all forms of life and nature, golden feast diet and paradisal life styles. Join Feraferia as we invite the Fay to dance with us in the endless wedding procession of Ouvrania and Kronos, of alpine peaks and cone forests, at it winds through mazes of starlight in the nuptial night of the nameless bride!"

We danced forth the Goddess from the Underworld, pregnant with the new Year God, and entranced the local Fay (faerie) mostly from the nearby Santa Cruz Mountains and the San Francisco Wetlands and Bay, but also from the distant galaxies, to join us in the world between the worlds for a time of magic and revelry...

It was a magical ceremony, complete with candle lit processions, a trance deep into the Underworld, and singing and dancing to honor Amphitrite and Poseidon of the water world, and of course Kore and our own wild selves!


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