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Green Pulse Oracle on the Hermetic Hour with Poke Runyon


Hermetic Hour with Poke Runyon interviewed Jo on The Green Pulse Oracle

Here is the show description:

On Thursday June 23rd, 2016 the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon and guest Jo Carson will present a preview- review of her forthcoming book: "The Green Pulse Oracle - A Tool for Eco-Psychic Insight." Lady Jo Carson is the President of Feraferia, America's First Goddess-centered, Ecology-oriented Neo-Pagan religion founded in 1967 by Artist and philosopher Frederick Adams (1928-2008). Jo Carson is the leader of Feraferia and dedicated to preserving and continuing the work of Fred Adams and his consort Lady Svetlana Butyrin. As a film maker Jo has produced and directed "Dancing with Gaia" (2009) a documentary DVD on ancient and modern Paganism centered on Fred Adams and Feraferian activities. She is the author of "Celebrate Wilderness" (2014) a portfolio book of Feraferian art, text and photos.

She is presently readying "The Green Pulse Oracle" for publication. This is a system of divination similar to Geomancy and I-Ching. It is based on Fred Adams' further development of Robert Graves' Tree Alphabet from his modern classic "The White Goddess." Adams delineated and extended Graves' twenty Celtic Ogham glyphs into a twenty-four letter system that he mounted on a series of Hermetic Enneasphere mandalas coordinating them with the Trees, the Tarot Trumps, astrological and planetary signs, and myth themes. Jo Carson reconstructed the system from Fred's rudimentary publications, notes and graphics. We have experimented with the Oracle and found it to be remarkably accurate and inspiring. So join us as we explore the divinatory magick of an American master as revealed by his worthy successor.

You can listen to the show any time.


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