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Feraferia at PantheaCon 2015


Feraferia offered two events at PantheaCon on Monday, February 16th, 2015 at the San Jose Doubletree Hotel.

On site registration was open all weekend long at a very reasonable $80 for all 4 days.

Feraferia is a love culture for wilderness. A faerie faith, Feraferia connects you to spirits of your particular place in nature. We draw from ancient Crete, the Eleusinian Mysteries, troubadour practices, and megalithic traditions. We celebrate the Sacred Daughter, "Kore." With playfulness, kindness and caring, She carries the keys to the future.

9:00 am — Celebrate Wildness: The Future Starts in Your Own Backyard

With easy, straight-forward instructions you can build a powerful faery ring henge in any outdoor location and use it to focus your rituals and magical world. Call in the faeries and landforms from the sacred directions and feel it transform. Visit sacred places in earth and stars, and set up linkages between your circle and the land-sky-love body around you. Replant your surrounds with natives and fruit trees to create a garden of abundance. Using these tools we can build the future by the power of attraction rather than fear. Start now to create the paradise we long for.

11:00 am — Artemis, Aphrodite & The Ringing Cedars' Anastasia

Western culture has Kore (young Goddess) figures such as Artemis, Persephone & Aphrodite. A new Kore has emerged in "Anastasia," who lives wild in the Siberian forest & teaches magic in The Ringing Cedars series of books. She says Man can save himself by living in touch with nature in family-love based homesteads with pagan aspects. Hundreds of such villages now exist. Is this the Kore of the new era? Is this approach even pagan with its vision of God who created Man as as the "most important life-form in the universe"? Let's chew on these ideas & sort out what is useful.


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