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Feraferia Festival of Spring at PantheaCon 2014


We held the rite and festival of Spring (Ostara) at PantheaCon this February on Presidents' Day weekend - 2014.

Ostara is the festival of rising sap, plunging roots, and swelling buds. It heralds the natural springtime beginning of the sacred Year. The days grow longer than the nights. The Goddess of Nature gives birth to the God of the Year. The Goddess dips into a magical pool and transforms into a child once more. She and the young God exchange the joys of childhood.

We brought our magical Henge and gathered to dive deep into the initiatory mystery of renewed life using trance; we called on the Faery spirits of the land to help the Goddess give birth to the new God.

We also had a real treat for attendees: a sneak preview of the new hardcover book Celebrate Wildness - the book is now for sale on this website.

Visit the PantheaCon website. This was fun! We hope you can join us next time!


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