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Oimelc-Bridgit-Candlemass Rite (Script)



Magic Maiden


at PantheaCon 2012

For the date when the Sun is on 15° Aquarius,

(cross-quarter of Winter; or for PantheaCon, February 19, 2012)

written by Lady Svetlana

with selected passages by Frederick McLaren Adams

Aquarian Age XIX

Lay-out & Design

Peter Tromp

Amsterdam Feb. 2001

Illustrations by Frederick MacLaren Adams

Copyright: Feraferia 2000

This version for PantheaCon with Trance, Circle Dance & minor changes by Jo Carson & John Reed,

Copyright Feraferia 2012


(Note: The parts to be spoken are in italics. Lights are to be kept somewhat low throughout, but should be lower when in the Otherworld of Neptune/Nephritrite. See end note for placement of props. Here, those assisting the Priests & Priestesses are referred to at Mystai. Length of rite is just under one hour.)

Participants are kept outside the doors until all is ready. When entering, they are asked to remain in silence and form a circle around the circle of stangs. Music for about 8 -10 minutes here at the beginning. Feraferia Mystai will be posted at the quarters. Priestesses and Priests are at the crossquarters but still outside the circle proper.

Priestess #1: (ad lib - a brief welcoming talk, saying that Feraferia is a love culture for wilderness; how we celebrate seasonal changes as a way to enhance the consciousness of Kore Gaia Earth Herself, and also our identification with Her. Explain that Kore is the Young Maiden Goddess, the Merrie Maiden of laughter, joy and caring, qualities so needed now in our world, and Kouros is Her partner, the young God of virility, growth and strength. Explain that we will open the astral doors and call in the particular Fay of this place; and that we will form a procession and move to different parts of the room on our journey; and at one point we will lie down on the carpet for a trance - those who cannot comfortably do this are invited to sit in chairs along the walls.)

Priestess #1 in the East:

Feraferia celebrates the love affair of the Goddess of Eternity and the God of Time throughout the Year. Their celestial Thrones are the Moon and the Sun. They are Artemis and Dionysus, Parvati and Shiva, Isis and Osiris, and for this season - Amphritite and Poseidon. The Goddess and the God take many forms here on Earth through the year, as life forces are planted, gestate, spring forth, grow, reseed and fade through the seasons.

Priestess #2 in the South:

It is now the mid-season of Winter. Most life remains below ground. But shoots are starting to come up. Oimelc means milk of the ewe, since lambs are born now; it is the festival of new buds on bare branches. Torchlit processions will lead the Pregnant Goddess out of the Underworld. Slush from snows thawing off the heights and mud from new rains signal the bursting of her natal waters and the coming child of the new year. It is the time of water, of Amphitrite and Poseidon of ocean depths and storms from the sea.

Priest #1 in the West:

The Love round of the sacred year is both a cycle of celebration and a mandala of initiation. Just as time flows around the circle of directions, each direction leads us out to the landscape around us, here at this place on this earth. Let your thoughts invite in the special quality of the directions and landforms that relate to this circle HERE at Pantheacon.

Dancer - During this evocation of landforms, a Dancer stretches out her arms and caresses the landforms envisioned, circling around the assembly as the directions are mentioned.

Priest #2 in the North, walks to middle of circle: (note - modify following to suit your locale)

To the East we have Mount Hamilton; to the Southeast there are the mountains of the Henry Coe Wilderness and the San Luis Reservoir; to the South is Sierra Azul Open Space, and further south, the Monterey Bay; to the Southwest there are the crags of Castle Rocks and the Redwoods of Big Basin, and to the West is Windy Hill and the huge Pacific Ocean. To our northwest is the southeast tip of the San Francisco Bay ending in Guadalupe and Alviso Sloughs; to the North we have Pleasanton Ridge and a the surrounding big ridges; to the Northeast, the direction of the time of year we are celebrating today, is the Ohlone Wilderness and the Calaveras Reservoir.

Priest #2 steps back to North quarter stang.

Priestess #2 (Patricia):

Let us welcome the landforms which surround us. They create, from our human point of view looking to the horizon, a cauldron within which we stand. It is our cauldron of changes, our sacred earth grail. It is, for now, the center of our world. We also send out our awareness and blessings into the land around us. Celebrants continually make this exchange, which then becomes a poem - written from the specific nature inscriptions of our own beloved region. Thus the dreams of the devoted and the spirits of wilderness unite to form the pageantry of paradisal Faerie Land.

The Opening of Temple

Priestess #1 surveys the whole circumference of the Ring, imagining the distant mountains, seas and landforms. With her open palm passing over the perimeter repeatedly in great elliptical gestures, she charges and blesses the Ring. Her mesmeric hand passes from circumference to Center in a spiral, and then back again to circumference.

Unsealing the Astral Doors

Priest #1 is still at West side of Circle, and Priestess #1 still at East edge of Circle.

Priestess #1:

She crosses her arms over her breast, right arm over left, her hands open and palms down. She intones the following recitation:

Sun Door, Sun Door!

Thorn and Oak crossed with Holly! Open!

Revealing azure golden Day and archetypal Light.

She draws an upward pentagram.

Her right arm and open palm swing out to the right to open the great Sun Door.

Priest #1: With powerful radiance of kinesthetic energy he intones:

Moon Door, Moon Door!

Ash and Alder crossed with Willow! Open!

Revealing silver celestial seas in the Mystery Night!

He draws an upward pentagram.

His left arm and palm swing out to the left to open the great astral Moon Door with the same windy blast of etheric force.

During the proceedings, the celebrants should entertain inner ‘telesmatic’ imagery of humming spheres, trilling stars and the resounding road of the Galaxy: the so called ‘Music of the Spheres’.

Priest #1: (Enters the Ring)

The inner precincts of this great Temple of Love,

Koreion PantheaCon,

have been opened and hermetically unsealed.

May all great and harmonious Spirit Beings

who attend these Sacred Rites

assist us in our devotions of Love!

Priestess #1:(Enters the Ring).

Oh Nameless Bride, who dances into being stars, constellations, galaxies, black and white holes and quasars!

Whirling with arms outstretched we enter the Black Hole.

Priestess #1 whirls here.

Here in the twirling round river of star-rising stairways,

separating the two distant points that pass beyond sidereal immensity inward upon endless horizons of the Soul…

Priestess #2: (Enters the ring)


Open Thy Diamond Eyes

Where we seek Faerie strands of being

And fire opal seas in Thy volcanic Cone of Night

And in Thy black Curls

Whose Darkness outshines the light!

All 4 priestesses and priests process clockwise so that Priest #1 is in the East, Priest #2 is in the South, Priestess #1 is in the West, and Priestess #2 is in the North.

Opening of the Cross-Quarters

and Quarters

(by Fred McLaren Adams)

Priestess #1:

Now we will call in the Great Fay on the Cardinal Rays of East, South, West, and North, and we will also call forth the Faerie Spirits of Earth on the Cross Quarters, the South East, South West, North West, and North East.

Priest #1:

Facing East on the Quarter Point and holding high the Wand, he intones:

Antheides! Great Fays of the East, Dawn and Spring!

Join us here and now in the Faerie Ring between the worlds!

Through the portal twixt Moon and Sun,

Re-enter your Earth abodes from the far, far Faerieland of stars!

He places the Wand back on the floor by the altar afterwards.

Facing Southeast on the Cross-Quarter Point he intones:

We call forth forth the Faery Elementals of Air and Scent.

May the Sylphs of Air bless this whole planet and its surround.

Preist #2: Facing South on the Quarter Point and holding high the Sword, he intones:

Ariadnes! Great Fays of the South, Noon and Summer!

Join us here and now in the Faerie Ring between the worlds.

Through the portal twixt Moon and Sun,

Re-enter your Earth abodes from the far, far Faerieland of stars!

He places the Sword back on the floor by the altar afterwards.

Facing Southwest on the Cross-Quarter Point he intones:

We call forth forth the Faery Elementals of Fire and Sight.

May the Salamanders of Fire bless this earth and sky

with the essence of cleansing heat

Priestess #1 - Facing West on the Quarter Point and holding high the Pentacle, she intones:

Hesperides! Great Fays of the West,

Evening and Autumn!

Join us here and now in the Faerie Ring between the worlds!

Through the portal twixt Moon and Sun,

Re-enter your Earth abodes from the far, far Faerieland of stars!

She places the Pentacle back on the floor by the altar afterwards.

Facing Northwest on the Cross-Quarter Point she intones:

We call forth forth the Faery Elementals of Earth and Taste.

May the Gnomes of Earth bless this planet and her environment

with the flora and fauna of soil.

Preistess #2 - Facing North on the Quarter Point and holding high the Cup she intones:

Hyades! Great Fays of the North, Midnight and Winter!

Join us here and now in the Faerie Ring between the worlds!

Through the portal twixt Moon and Sun,

Re-enter your Earth abodes from the far, far, Faerieland of stars!

She places the Cup back on the floor by the altar afterwards.

Facing Northeast on the Cross-Quarter Point she intones:

We call forth forth the Faery Elementals of Water and Sound

May the Nyads of Water bless this whole earth and waterways

with your clarifying moisture

Invocation of Zenith, Nadir

and Center

Priestess #1 evokes – and all Priestesses and Priests invoke – the spiritual Fount at the Center of the Ring. She/they intone:

Zenithides! Great Lovers of the Zenith!

Nadirides! Great Lovers of the Nadir!

Join hands and hips, bellies and lips,

Here upon the White Wedding Stone of Earth,

Beneath the starry shade of the Cosmic Mill Tree,

Where all souls press into the echoing root of Touch,

To enclasp living alter and to kiss throbbing Omphalos

From Whose shimmering Flesh,

The Four Rivers of Faerie into all Worlds flow!

So may it be!

All priestesses and priests together, loudly:



(by Fred McLaren Adams)

Priest #1 (in East):

This is the Charge and Charm of Oimelc

The Festival of Enscaled Buds on bare branches,

And of first shoots sprouting.

Through portals of earth, branch and cloud

Her burning belly bursts the locks of frost

The babe lowers

Torchlit processions lead the Goddess out of the Underworld.

Her Belly is fully stretched.

The Head of the Holy Infant drops for delivery.

Slush from snows thawing off the heights,

And mud from new rains signal the bursting of the water sack.

Mystai #6:

The Goddesses and the Gods fill up the being

Of all parts of the Earth and the Heavens,

The seas and the water.

As water breaks for the pregnant Goddess,

We honor the divinities of water; Poisedon Oceanos and Amphitrite,

Who is the personification of the sea itself.

Priest #2:

Celebrants - Look around you and let us form pairs, and we will make a procession for our sojourn to the Otherworld realm of Goddesses and Gods, to the depths of the oceans, where we will be cleansed by the primordial waters of Amphritite and the seminal ragings of Poisedon Oceanos. If you find there is an odd number of people, please look around you and form a triplet.

Music accompanies the following procession.

All move in procession, led by Priest and Priestess, to the veiled statue of Poseidon, in the NorthEast of the Temple room, and form a semi-circle (or circle, if crowd is big) around Him.

Mystai #6:

Please turn your heart toward the hidden image of Poseidon Oceanos.


(by Lady Svetlana)

Priest #1:

Poseidon, God of rolling seas unleash Your mighty storms. Let the turbulent gates burst the seams of our world.

Poseidon, Grand Inseminator, we summon You from Your liquid domain. Purge the Earth of the criminal mind, which pollutes the elements, which destroys the very essence of life - a gift from the most ancient and Holy One. Let Your tidal waves carry away the debris of disease from civilisation.

Rage, rage, - mighty storm maker - rage! Neptune, Poseidon, Nereus. Parched lands await Your fertilising downpours. Let torrential rains soak the ground. Flood the Earth to insure Her procreation. Rain… Rain… Bring forth rain…. Poseidon, Poseidon, Poseidon,

Bring the winds and storms -

Bring your torrential rain…

Mystai #2 unveils the statue of Poseidon.

Mystai #5 provides Clanking of metal cups and says:

Hail - oh Great One of Waters, Hail, Hail!.

Dancer performs a dance of honoring and blessing for Poseidon during the clanking of cups and the blessing of salt water.

Mystai #3: (facing Poseidon)

As we stand before Poseidon, I intone:

"May the torrents of Poseidon purge your flesh and spirit

May the torrents of Poseidon purge your flesh and spirit."

May the torrents of Poseidon purge your flesh and spirit."

Four of us take small jiggers of salt water and drip it on the forehead of each celebrant in their part of the semi-circle.

During the salt water purification, Mystai #1 Leads Mystai in chant / round of song;

The Ocean is the beginning of the Earth,

The Ocean is the Beginning of the Earth,

All Life comes from the Sea

All Life comes from the Sea.

When all have been purified with salt water:

Mystai #2:

Poseidon, Nereus - Divine Spouse and Father -

The rampaging waters rush.

The deluge brings the Goddess forth.

May You bequeath us gifts of prophecy and vision

so we may be guided on the path of Divine Service…


Mystai #3:

Let all celebrants find comfortable positions on the floor either lying or sitting (if needed). If you can, please lie next to the person you journeyed with as you processed here to Oceanic Olympia. And if you can, have your heads towards Poseidon.

(pause while celebrants lie down)

Priestess #1:

Oh celebrants, settle yourselves in for a journey to the Otherworld. Close your eyes. Deepen your breathing to fill your belly. Let your breath fill you up, from your center out to your skin. As you release your breath, use your sacred and divine, effective and efficient imagination to visualize all wandering thoughts being released. Imagine that the sacred land forms of the Santa Cruz mountains, and the southern arm of the San Francisco Bay (substitute local land/water forms here), are cradling you and pouring into you their strength and spirits. Be here, in this circle, for now the center of your world and of all worlds.

Feel the eternal presence of Kore Gaia, the Earth Maiden, supporting your frame as you recline on her. Let your skin be happy, filling with the breath of the maiden sky above in loving clasp with the greater earth below. You are the center of the Land Sky Love Body of Earth.

Now we will descend deep into the body of Earth, to the realm of the caves and roots, of water and earth, of the earth spirits and Faerie folk who dwell herein. You are drifting, drifting through a magnificent portal into the earth, a large cave entrance. You follow your instinct and pass by layers of cave edges, seeing the offerings of previous celebrants decorating the beautiful painted cave walls and shelves. You come now to a large wooden door. A word suddenly appears in your mind; you know that this is the password that opens the door. You silently entone the word, and the heavy door opens of itself. You pass in, noting that as you pass, the door simply disappears, as if it was never real.

You find yourself in a large chamber, mysteriously lit by glowing orbs of light. (cue: laying out of candles next to each pair of celebrants, by several Mystai.)You feel the presence of the others around you, but find that your focus and gaze are drawn by a large well, a well in the middle of the chamber. As you approach, you see that it is smooth, like a mirror; a mirror that shows what you need to know. It has a charming, almost entrancing quality. You feel a mysterious joy as you approach the well. You gaze in. What do you see? (pause for 2 minutes)

What does the well show you now?.... Now, listen for the shimmering voices of the Fay.... You may see a particular faery in front or to the side of you now, beautiful in their faery finery, perhaps incandescent and only half seen. There is no need to stare with a hard eye.... let your sideways gaze be soft as you invite them to speak with you of beauty and of life. They are spirits of the earth and water as they speak to you. (pause)

Glance back to the well. Ponder now the images you have seen in the water.... and now you notice that the water itself is disappearing. Now there is a swirling mist. In the mist you see many things... perhaps you glimpse the future...you know what things you can do, now, that will lead to a positive outcome... You have planted seeds for the coming year. At this moment of time, with the bursting forth of new shoots and buds, you feel that you will have the help of the faery folk, the Fay, in achieving your goals for this year. It is a feeling of hope and confidence... You will have help. Pondering your dreams, you will find surprising new ideas and sources of creativity which will feed your soul on its way. Sharing your dreams might create a gossamer network to help bring your ideas into the visible world. What are your seeds?

(pause for 2 minutes)

(NOTE:While celebrants have been in deep trance, Feraferian helpers have placed candles by each pair of celebrants. Off in the northeast quadrant, the Pregnant Goddess is getting prepared behind her Door. Two big candles light up the door to her area.)

Priestess#1 continues:

Now you are feeling a sense of completion... Thank the earth and water spirits, and the great Fay who may have given you blessings or advice. You turn back to the beautiful painted cave tunnel which brought you here, and pass easily though the now open door of wood. You arrive at the magnificent portal to the cave, and drift back over green hills to reenter this room, and now, your own body... You take several deep, cleansing breaths, and feel new life quickening your limbs. I will clap three times. With each clap you will notice that you are more energized, more awake and full of life.

(Clap) You are feeling present here in this Temple of Love, Koreon PantheaCon.

(Clap) You are feeling present here in this sacred circle.

(Clap) You are feeling present here in this, your sacred body.

Priest #1: Please rise, and stand next to your partner or partners.

Now in procession we will find The Goddess Amphitrite. Near her is the Pregnant Goddess who carries the God of the New Year. You will notice a small candle next to you. We will pro-cess in pairs, so: each person on the left please pick up the "candle" by you. Place the candle in your right hand, and the person on the right, place your left hand under it to support their hand and the candle.

Priestess #2:

Let us search for the Goddess! Follow me, in search of the Goddess!

Priestess #1 (joins procession): Follow us, in search of the Goddess!

Music plays while Priests and Priestesses lead the procession around the Circle to the statue of Poseidon and over to the Amphitrite/ Pregnant Goddess area (The statue of Amphitrite and the door to the pregnant Goddess are together), to the East and SouthEast of the Circle. They form a semi circle in front of the veiled Amphitrite and the Pregnant Goddess doorway, which is behind and to the right of Amphitrite.

Mystai #6: Please turn your heart toward the hidden image of Amphitrite, Goddess of the Seas and Waters...

The covered statue of Amphitrite as Water Nymph. At her feet are sea shells and a large bowl of salt water.



The ices of Winter are melting, the snows disappear.

Amphitrite, Great Goddess of ocean depths

Release the spirits of moisture, drenching the land for the coming birth.

In Your primeval seas the quivering dance shimmied into being;

Fragile forms slithered into life.

Oh, Amphitrite, You are the Fluid Source of all birth…

Lovely Lady of Pregnancy and Fecundity!!

May Your undulating waters purify our souls as they cleanse our bodies..

The force of life depends upon You, Mother of ocean depths -

Let us all be enlivened, most Holy Amphitrite

EVOE Amphitrite, Evoeee-aa!

Mystai #2 unveils the statue of Amphitrite during the second part of above Ode ("Oh, Amphitrite, You are the Fluid...").

Dancer performs a dance of honoring and blessing for Amphitrite starting when She is unveiled, and during the following chant/song.

Mystai #5 (chants or sings)

"Amphitrite of ocean floors

Release the blessing of your sacred waters,

May all earths' water be pure -

So life on earth may endure."

Mystai #3: (Gestures towards salt water in large bowl at feet of Amphitrite)

Mystai #3 then flicks water towards all celebrants, going around the circle to do so.

The cosmic Womb has released its birthing waters -

Receive its blessing and rejoice.

Priest #2:

Now in this tender time of the year, we call forth the Goddess, from the Underworld to join us for the new year in the light of the springtime to come!

Mystai #5 - Clangs the Cups:

Hail, Pregnant Earth Goddess!

Kore, Innocent Earthy Queen!

We call you forth from the Underworld,

Birthplace of growing seeds and fresh, new shoots.

Come forth with us now,

Into the world of Sun and Light!

Clangs the Cups again.

Dancer - From behind the door comes out the veiled but partially bare Pregnant Goddess.

Music will accompany following procession:

With gestures of blessing, the Pregnant Goddess dances and leads the processional train back to the Circle. We coordinate celebrants back into line following her, with cries of

All Mystai: Follow the Goddess!

as needed to get Celebrants in procession.

The Pregnant Goddess dances her blessing to all then takes a seat at the center on a decorated stool with a soft pillow.

Priest #2 : Will each pair of celebrants please deposit their "candles" at the feet of the Goddess in a circle.

Mystai /Celebrants place candles.

Music ends.

Mystai #1:

Now please sit down, and meditate on your own seeds. We have all returned into the world of light. This is a powerful time, as the Goddess is about to give birth to the new year. Set your intentions for your own new projects and dreams coming forth into the light!

A few moments of silence.

now: A Song to Gaia, the Pregnant Goddess (we had Clare Hedin perform hers).

Dancer removes the cloak of Goddess and rejoins circle.

At the end of the song, as Priestess #1 starts to speak.


(by Fred McLaren Adams)

Priestess #1:

Now please stand; and join us for the Aval Communion.

Four Mystai anoint foreheads of the celebrants with drops of essential oil first, in a small, circular motion. Each Mystai will do one quarter of the Circle of Celebrants, i.e. from West to South. (We used Rose geranium oil.)

Priestess #1 :

This rose geranium scent represents the breath of the Maiden -

Essence of Intelligence and Empathy.

Priestess #1: Lifts decorative vial of oil.

Priest #1:The "flame" represents the blood of the Maiden -

Essence of Passion and Compassion.

Priest #1: Lifts "candle".

Priestess #2 :These berries represent the gift of the Maiden's Flesh -

Essence of Proportion and Beauty.

Priestess #2: Lifts fruit.

Priest # 2:

This water represents the milk of the Maiden -

Essence of Mercy and Tenderness.

Priest #2: Lifts goblet of spring water.

Priestess #1:

And what is the Quintessence of the Maiden's Soul?

The Holy Fascination of the supremely Alive and Beautiful.

Priestess #1: Holds up Flower.

Priest #1:

And what is the penultimate of the Maiden Spirit?

Innocent childlike love.

Priest and Priestess: Seal with kiss. Each blows kisses to the celebrants.

Priestess #1:

And finally what is the Will of the Maiden?

This branch of the fruiting Tree of Life is called the Korythalia, Branch of the Maiden.

The Korythalia is for life ever-lasting,

Delicacy and Joy for the unique as well as the Universal

Priestess #1: Shows Korythalia in the semblance of Eleusis (unveiling).

Priest and Priestess hug,

Priestess #1: All celebrants may kiss or hug your neighbor, as you feel comfortable, and with sensitivity to what your neighbors are comfortable with.

Celebrants share a kiss/hug all around the circle.

Brief moment of Soft music.

AVALA Communion

(by Fred McLaren Adams)

On a tray there are four cups or bowls of fruits of the season (we used blueberries) and a big, beautiful glass full of virgin spring water slightly touched with herb or spice. The spring water should be obtained when the New Moon is visible. The flask in which spring water is kept must be blessed in the name of Kore. Blessed, bottled spring water may be substituted if necessary.

Priestess #1: Lifts up the sacred Tray with four small bowls/platters of fruit on it.

Ambrosia of trees - Quintessence of Fire and Earth -

Eonic Body of the Maiden.

By Her Love freely given and with harm to none

Thine own body become.

She presents the bowls to each of four Mystai; each Mystai takes the bowl and goes to a different direction (East, South, West, North) and begins to delicately place a piece of fruit in the mouth of each celebrant in their quadrant of the circle.

Priestess #2: She lifts up the crystal Bowl/Jug of spring water.

Nectar of springs, Quintessence of Air and water -

Eonic fountainhead of the Maiden.

By Her Love freely given and with harm to none,

thine own fountainhead become.

Water has purified you, water has blessed you. Now water becomes part of you,

That you become the source of love.

She pours the water into four smaller grail bowls/cups which are offered by Mystai to each celebrant, who takes it and swallows a sip; note - Mystai wipe rim with clean napkin/cloth after each person sips.

Meanwhile, Priest #1 (sings or chants):

The Valkyries of Wotan ride the thunderous skies

The Nereads of Nereus storm the exulting seas

Let all Nyads, Nymphs, Nereads and Fauns

Join us in pouring this libation of mid Winter to the Gods

EVOE Amphitrite - EVOE Poseidon.

EVOE Amphitrite - EVOE Poseidon.

We pour these liquid elements

in honour of the Gods of moisture, of the rain.

May the waters come as blessed rain.

May the waters come as blessed rain.

Let the streams and rivers fill up with water,

May the oceans seethe unto the full moon.




Mystai #1: Could all the people who were on the left in the procession please take one step forward; and now turn around to face outwards and join hands with each other. People on the outside, please join hands.

People on the inside circle, please be moving counter clockwise throughout the song. And people on the outside circle, please move clockwise. As each person passes you by, open your heart and connect with your eyes.

Mystai #1 & 3 lead:

Please sing the refrain with me, and then sing the refrain after each verse:


Kore spirit, now appear

In Mystery raiment of the Year.

Kore presence, fire and water,

Air and earth, Holy Daughter.

(Refrain again)

Kore spirit, now appear

In Mystery raiment of the Year.

Kore presence, now arise.

Dance the ways of Paradise.


Kore spirit, now appear

In Mystery raiment of the Year.

Kore presence stirring here,

Dance with us the Sacred Year.


Kore spirit, now appear

In Mystery raiment of the Year.

Kore spirit present here,

Dance with us the Sacred Year.


Kore spirit, now appear

In Mystery raiment of the Year.

Kore quick, inhabit here.

May Thy Earth-spun Flesh Appear.


Kore spirit, now appear

In Mystery raiment of the Year.


Kore spirit, now appear

In Mystery raiment of the Year!!

Note: Continue with the refrain, then just the words

"Kore Spirit now appear",

which may segue into just

"Kore Spirit!! Kore Spirit!! Kore Spirit!! (continuing)

until the circle dance comes to an energy climax, with cheers and ululations, and feels complete.


Recited by all celebrants together, while holding hands in the circle.

Priestess #1: Let us re-form the circle. (pause while circle is re-formed.) then guides:

Please say each line after me:

Oh Holy Maiden! Of the Kindling Quick,

(celebrants repeat)

Of merging mist and mazing echo,

(celebrants repeat)

The innocent bounty of the trees

(celebrants repeat)

Bears Thy Faerie Flesh

of Wildness, Wonder, Magic, Mirth and Love.

(celebrants repeat)

Thy Beauty seals our Bridal with all Life.

(celebrants repeat)

The dance of Thy Green Pulse

(celebrants repeat)

Unfolds all Bodies and all Blessings

(celebrants repeat)

From Earth's fragrant Form.

(celebrants repeat)

Priestess##1 and 2: twirl together and sing:

Evoe Kore kai Kouros!

Evoe Potnia kai Potnios!



Closing of Temple, Four Cross-Quarters and Center

(by Fred McLaren Adams)

Priestess stands at West side of Circle and extends her arms outward to the right and left. She intones the following enchantment:

Priestess #1:

We will now close the Temple.

Moon Door, Moon Door!

Ash and Alder crossed with Willow! Close!

Covering demiurgic dark of the Mystery Night!

Slowly, weightily, the Priestess swings her left hand inward and across her/his breast, tips of fingers touching right shoulder, thus closing the Moon Door.

Priest #1: stands at East side of Circle -

Sun Door, Sun Door!

Thorn and Oak crossed with Holly! Close!

Covering azure golden Day and archetypal Light.

Slowly, deliberately, Priest swings his right hand inward and across his breast, tips of fingers touching left shoulder, thus closing the Sun Door.

Priest #2:

We offer thanks to all great Fay and Spirit Beings

who have attended our Sacred Rite.

May They bear the Blessings and Love of our devotions

into all worlds, realms, zones and planes!

Priestess #1:

The spirits of all the quarters and cross-quarters

Are asked to return to their own dimensions and nether realms

Till their next revelation at Ostara.

So May it Be.

Priestess #2:

The Precincts of this great temple of Love,

Koreion PantheaCon,

Are closed and hermetically resealed.

May the distillate of our blessings

ripen within the close of these old markers,

And may the altar irradiate the whole region, Earth and Sky,

With Love, Beauty, Kindness, Vitality, truth and Wisdom.

So may it be!

Priestess #1:

The Aval Communion is completed, the Temple is sealed -

The Bacchanalia begins.

Listen with joy to the music

While the Libation of cakes and nectar, which today is cookies and juice, are prepared for all.

Kore Blessings of Earth Love to Everyone!!

During the course of the following festivities, mystai/celebrants should be encouraged to wander into the Ring and to offer small libations to the Markers/Stones and the Centre, with prayers and thanksgiving, of course.

Music here (merry in tone)....

After the Closing of the Temple, the Ring is spiritually vivific; it is “streaming and tingling”, to quote Wilhelm Reich. And so is the surrounding natural milieu. Most participants are now ‘high’ and they can sense this. And so, the Ring is ripe for pledges and re-affirmations of love between lovers, for sharing more vibrant embraces, kisses, caresses, whole soul and body radiance quietly sustained. Of course friendships can be re-affirmed, comradeship in the Great Work of transmuting Orchard Island Earth into paradise. Prayers for healing may be addressed to the Goddess Fount, the “supremely alive and beautiful” (from W.H. Keith), divine sentiency, wisdom and love.

The renewed and invigorated Ring is ideally suited for circle dancing, chanting and singing. Jests, pranks and merriment vivify the outer surrounds of the Ring. “Antic corybantic jollity” of the Fays is also necessary to the sacred atmosphere of the timeless fiesta of the stars.

It is time for cakes and "nectar"; consisting of purple and berry colored cookies and juices.

Priestesses and Priests prepare and serve the Libation; berry juice with a little lemon.

Everyone offers toasts to the Gods. When the toast is given each celebrant raises a cup and cries in unison.


(First Toast)Evoe Poseidon!

(Second Toast)Evoe Amphitrite!

(Third Toast) Evoe Kore!!

Festive social encounters follow. Music plays.


Placement of Props

Eight [1] 6 ft. Stangs [2] create the shape of the Circle. Each is painted the color of the direction [3], and has a gold knob atop the pole. We used 8 stangs to avoid confusion with a crowd unfamiliar with Feraferia's 9-point arrangement of Festivals, so ours were in the usual quarter and cross-quarter directions.

In Northeast: A covered statue of Neptune is on a 3 ft. high circular stand, with candles on either side of it. In front of stand are 2 large brass cups and 4 small goblets of salt water.

A little South of East is a covered statue of Amphitrite, also on a 3 ft. high circular stand. She has seashells at her feet, and candles on either side of Her stand. She has a large bowl of salt water at her feet.

To the SouthEast proper is a simple wooden door-frame, affixed to a plinth of wood for stability, with a long blue-green fabric hanging on it to cover the doorway. The door has candles on either side of it. The door forms the entrance for the pregnant Goddess of the New Year when She is called forth.

The main fabric-covered altar in the middle of the circle has the following items on it or around it:

Wand, Sword, Pentacle, Cup, arranged on floor around altar in their appropriate directions;

4 cups with fruit of the season (we used blueberries);

Large beautiful goblet of blessed spring water, & 4 cups to hold the water for when it is distributed;

4 napkins for wiping rim of cup after each person sips from it;

Small potted mini-rose plant (flowering); a vase with a Korythalia - a symmetrical small branch in it (i.e. flowering fruit tree branch, or any green leafed branch);

Decorative bottle of essential oil (we used rose geranium), & 4 small bottles of same essential oil mixed with any organic carrier oil - we used olive oil).

Under the alter table we had additional spring water and cups available if need should arise.

Next to the altar, a small, decorative stool with soft pillow on it for the Pregnant Goddess to sit on.

On a table off to the South (or where convenient), is a table with cookies/cakes and nectar; use blue to purple drinks, as possible, and dark colored "cakes", to go with the seasonal colors of dark blue to purple ice reflections - we used a combination of apple with cranberry juice. May keep covered during ritual until time for use.

[1] Or Nine if in accord with Feraferia festival directions

[2] Wooden poles, mounted on 18 inch wooden discs for stability

[3] East, turquoise with pink ribbon; S.E., pale green; South, deep green; S.W., yellow-green; West, ochre; N.W., umbral orange; North north west (if used to show Repose), black; North, white; N.E., deep blue.


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