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Ostara Ceremony and Festival





For the date when the Sun is on 0° Aries, (Spring Equinox)

Or the nearest convenient date (e.g. weekend evening)

The Vernal Equinox marks the beginning of the Feraferian eco-psychic Year.

Written by Lady Svetlana of Feraferia

with selected passages by Fredederick McLaren Adams

Aquarian Age XIX

Modified by Jo Carson & Feraferia 2014

Copyright: Feraferia 2001

(Note: The parts to be spoken are in italics. Lights are to be kept low throughout, but should be lower when doing the Ground Star trance. There is a small circular table in the center, and the Feraferian Henge markers forming the circle. To the East is an area covered by bedspreads and pillows; a bit South of that is a large bowl of water, ideally on a support stand.

Participants are kept outside the area until all is ready. When entering, they are asked to remain in silence and form a circle around the circle of stangs. Music here for about 8-10 minutes here at the beginning. Feraferia Mystai will be posted at the quarters. Priestesses and Priests are at the crossquarters but still outside the circle proper.

Priestess: (ad lib - a brief welcoming talk, saying that)

Feraferia is a love culture for wilderness; how we celebrate seasonal changes as a way to enhance the consciousness of Earth Herself, and also our identification with Her. Kore is the name of the Young Maiden Goddess Earth, the Merrie Maiden of laughter, joy and caring, qualities so needed now in our world, and Kouros is Her partner, the young God of virility, growth and strength. Next we will open the astral doors and call in the particular Faerie Spirits of this place; and then we will form a procession and move to different parts of the room on our journey. In the middle of the rite there will be a short trance, where we will lie down. Let us begin.

Priestess in the East:

Feraferia celebrates the love affair of the Goddess of Eternity and the God of Time throughout the Year. Their celestial Thrones are the Moon and the Sun. They are Artemis and Dionysus, Parvati and Shiva, Isis and Osiris, and for this season -Hebe and Ganymede. The Goddess and the God take many forms here on Earth through the year, as life forces are planted, gestate, spring forth, grow, reseed and fade through the seasons.


This is North, this is east, our circle is set up to the compass. The Love round of the sacred year is both a cycle of celebration and a mandala of initiation. As time flows around the circle of directions, spring and morning in the east, summer and mid day in the south, and so on. Each direction in this circle also leads us out to particular places in the landscape around us, here at this place on earth. Let your thoughts invite in the special quality of the directions and landforms that relate to this circle HERE at Pantheacon:

Dancer - During this evocation of landforms, a Dancerstretches out her arms and caresses the landforms envisioned, circling around the assembly as the directions are mentioned.


To the Southeast there are the mountains of the Henry Coe Wilderness and the marshes of San Luis Reservoir; to the South is Sierra Azul Open Space, and further south, the Monterey Bay; to the Southwest there are the crags of Castle Rocks and the Redwoods of Big Basin, and to the West is Windy Hill and beyond, the huge Pacific Ocean. To our northwest is the southeast tip of the San Francisco Bay ending in Guadalupe and Alviso Sloughs; to the North we have Pleasanton Ridge and a the surrounding big ridges; to the Northeast, is the Ohlone Wilderness and the Calaveras Reservoir. and the direction of the time of year we are celebrating today, in the East, direction of dawn and birth, we have beautiful Mount Hamilton.


Let us welcome the landforms which surround us. They create, from our human point of view looking to the horizon, a cauldron within which we stand. It is our cauldron of changes, our sacred earth grail. It is, right now, the center of our world. We also send out our awareness and blessings into the land around us. Celebrants continually make this exchange, which then becomes a poem -formed from the specific natural details of our own beloved region. Thus our dreams and blessings and the spirits of wilderness unite to form the pageantry of our paradisal Faerie Land.

Let us open the Temple.

The Opening of Temple


Antheides, Shining Ones of the East, Clear the Airs!We invoke your presence to bless our Rite of Spring.

She surveys the whole circumference of the Ring, imagining the distant mountains, seas and landforms. With her open palm passing over the perimeter repeatedly in great elliptical gestures, she charges and blesses the Ring. Her mesmeric hand passes from circumference to Centre in a spiral, and then back again to circumference.

Unsealing the Astral Doors


She crosses her arms over her breast, right arm over left, her hands open and palms down. She intones the following recitation:

Sun Door, Sun Door!

Thorn and Oak crossed with Holly! Open!

Revealing azure golden Day and archetypal Light.

She draws an upward pentagram.

Her right arm and open palm swing out to the right to open the great Sun Door.

Priest With powerful radiance of kinesthetic energy he intones:

Moon Door, Moon Door!

Ash and Alder crossed with Willow! Open!

Revealing silver celestial seas in the Mystery Night!

He draws an upward pentagram.

His left arm and palm swing out to the left to open the great astral Moon Door with the same windy blast of etheric force.

As we proceed, please imagine that you see and hear humming spheres, trilling stars and the resounding road of the Galaxy: the ‘Music of the Spheres’.

Priest: (Enters the Ring)

The inner precincts of this great Temple of Love,

Koreion PantheaCon,

have been opened and hermetically unsealed.

May all great and harmonious Spirit Beings

who attend these Sacred Rites

assist us in our devotions of Love!

Priestess:(Enters the Ring).

Oh Nameless Bride, who dances into being stars, constellations, galaxies, black and white holes and quasars!

Whirling with arms outstretched we enter your Black Hole.

Priestess whirls here.

Here in the twirling round river of star-rising stairways,

separating the two distant points that pass beyond sidereal immensity inward upon endless horizons of the Soul.

Priestess #2: (Enters the ring)


Open Thy Diamond Eyes

Where we seek Faerie strands of being

And fire opal seas in Thy volcanic Cone of Night

And in Thy black waves

Whose Darkness outshines the light!

All priestesses and priests proceed clockwise so that they are in position for opening the quarters.

Opening of the Quarters and Cross-quarters


Now we will call in the Celestial Faeries on the Cardinal Rays of the South, West, North and East, and we will also call forth the Faerie Spirits of Earth on the Cross Quarters, the South East, South West, North West, and North East.

Facing Southeast on the Cross-Quarter Point she intones:

We call forth forth the Faery Elementals of Air and Scent.

May the Sylphs of Air bless this whole planet and its surround.

Priestess:Facing South on the Quarter Point and holding high the Sword, she intones:

Ariadnes! Great Fays of the South, Noon and Summer!

Join us here and now in the Faerie Ring between the worlds.

Through the portal twixt Moon and Sun,

Re-enter your Earth abodes from the far, far Faerieland of stars!

She places the Sword back on the floor by the altar afterwards.

Facing Southwest on the Cross-Quarter Point she intones:

We call forth forth the Faery Elementals of Fire and Sight.

May the Salamanders of Fire bless this earth and sky

with the essence of cleansing heat.

Priestess - Facing West on the Quarter Point and holding high the Pentacle, she intones:

Hesperides! Great Fays of the West,

Evening and Autumn!

Join us here and now in the Faerie Ring between the worlds!

Through the portal twixt Moon and Sun,

Re-enter your Earth abodes from the far, far Faerieland of stars!

She places the Pantacle back on the floor by the altar afterwards.

Facing Northwest on the Cross-Quarter Point she intones:

We call forth forth the Faery Elementals of Earth and Taste.

May the Gnomes of Earth bless this planet and her environment

with the flora and fauna of soil.

Priestess - Facing North on the Quarter Point and holding high the Cup she intones:

Hyades! Great Fays of the North, Midnight and Winter!

Join us here and now in the Faerie Ring between the worlds!

Through the portal twixt Moon and Sun,

Re-enter your Earth abodes from the far, far, Faerieland of stars!

She places the Cup back on the floor by the altar afterwards.

Facing Northeast on the Cross-Quarter Point she intones:

We call forth forth the Faery Elementals of Water and Sound

May the Nyads of Water bless this whole earth and waterways

with your clarifying moisture

Priest #1:

Facing East on the Quarter Point and holding high the Wand, she intones:

Antheides! Great Fays of the East, Dawn and Spring!

Join us here and now in the Faerie Ring between the worlds!

Through the portal twixt Moon and Sun,

Re-enter your Earth abodes from the far, far Faerieland of stars!

She places the Wand back on the floor by the altar afterwards.

Invocation of Zenith, Nadir

and Centre

Priestess evokes – and all Priestesses and Priests invoke – the spiritual Fount at the Centre of the Ring. She/they intone:

Zenithides! Great Lovers of the Zenith!

Nadirides! Great Lovers of the Nadir!

Join hands and hips, bellies and lips,

Here upon the White Wedding Stone of Earth,

Beneath the starry shade of the Cosmic Mill Tree,

Where all souls press into the echoing root of Touch,

To enclasp living alter and to kiss throbbing Omphalos

From Whose shimmering Flesh,

The Four Rivers of Faerie into all Worlds flow!

All priestesses and priests together, loudly:


The Charm of Ostara

Priestess:(The charm is to be sung)

“This is the Charge and Charm of Ostara the Festival of Rising Sap

Plunging roots, and bare buds heralds the beginning of the Sacred Year.

The days will grow longer than the nights.

In torrents of Spring the Moon Maid unfolds to buds unsheathing

In torrents of Spring the Sun Babe is born to sap arising

The Goddess of Nature will give birth to the God of the Year.

Bathing in the Sacred Pool, the Goddess will become a young Maiden again.

She and the new young God will play in the green time of Spring.”

Hera to Kore

The Goddess Speaks of Spring Awakenings


The night of milky Winter is drawing to a close and with it the Deep Mystic Confinement of the Goddess. The waters have now burst their womb and the corridors of birth contract with serpentine abandon. The Moment of Vernal Awakening is at Hand! She is the Goddess of Creation known by many names in many places, in many times... Isis-Auset of the Egyptians, Danu of the Celts, Inanna of the Sumerians, Rhea of the Greeks, Kuan Yin of the Chinese, Mokosh of Slavs and Finns, Isumate of the Amerindians --- Ishtar, Anna, Artemis, Cybele, Rhiannon, Amaterasu; and She is there at dawn in the line of endlessly spiralling hallways where Being leaps suddenly to release the chain of Becoming, over and over again.


All Existence proceeds from Her Essence. From Her Wholeness She brings forth Another: He shall be Her Beloved Son and thereafter Her Beloved Consort.

Now Her Mid-Wives beckon – the Graces, the Fates, the Muses; who lead Her where we shall rupture the Cosmic Egg, open Pandora’s Box – all giving of wondrous gifts – and resurrect the Manifest Forms of Birth to reveal the Divine Child. These Demi-Goddesseswill give gifts, guide and inspire the new born God of Spring.


He will be Ganymede – the Cup-Bearer of the Gods who flies with Hebe’s Grail, in which the alchemical transmutations and magical transformations occur – from the Primary Mass of Confusion to the Philosopher’s Stone!! From the muddy waters of chaos to pure crystalline shape – from embryonic stirrings to the human form divine –


All hail the Living God!!!In groans of ecstatic labour She will give Him to you. Prepare to receive the Godling and rejoice, for these are the Rites of Spring!!!


Ground Star Trance


We will now move to the Northern part of the room, where we will prepare our energies to help the Goddess to give birth. Please join hands and follow me to the North.

(Everyone forms a procession to the North and reforms a circle there.)

Let us re-arrange our circle according to when you were born in the Wheel of the Year. If there is someone who was born at the beginning of Aries, could you please step forth?

Great, please stand here in the East. Let's everyone go toward their part of the year, Spring in the East, Summer in the South, Fall in the West, and Winter babies in the North. Just put yourselves in order of when you were born.

All participants arrange themselves in order of birth around the circle.

Look around at the faces of the sacred year. Now please take hands and I will send a hand squeeze around the circle several times to remind us of our connection - quickly, after the person on your right gives you a squeeze don't hesitate to squeeze the hand of the person on your left, and smile when you get the squeeze.

The squeeze, initiated by the Priestess, goes around the circle several times.

As the squeeze travels around, notice that it is traveling through the directions, and the times of the year, and the times of day, with dawn at the beginning.

Now we will go from forming a circle with our bodies to forming a star. Let each person lie down after you feel the squeeze this time. Lie on your back with your heads pointed toward the center of the circle. Get as comfortable as you can. If you have a scarf or extra piece of clothing, you might cover your eyes as we prepare to let our trance bodies journey deeply inward.


Now tap the floor with your hands as you lie on your back. This will be your reminder, that this is the world where we are, in our circle together.

Now let your bodies relax, starting with the tips of your toes all the way up to your scalp. Take 3 slow, deep belly breaths, and notice as you exhale that any tension and distractions are floating away from you and sinking deeply into the earth.


Now continue to breathe slowly and deeply into your belly. Listen as we go to the womb of renewal. With each breath, feel yourself sinking down into the earth below us. You are becoming a seed, sinking down, down, down into the great earth mother. Feel yourself, you are heavy and you are sinking down, comfortably and slowly, deep into the Mother. You see the huge rocks and waters below the surface of earth, and slip down into that world. You are at the level of the deepest tree roots. Now you notice something. You see a pair of vast boulders, with a large vertical space between them, which creates a cave space between the boulders. Move toward that cave. Feel yourself drawn in. You go into the darkness, the cave womb of earth renewal.

We go through the long and narrow passage. The rock walls are as red as iron and covered with red lichen. They drip with water, as we are at the level of the water table. The moss lines the walls and makes them spongy. The way is serpentine.

We go even deeper, twisting and turning, and enter through a round door into a larger room. Now you are floating... Notice how comfortable you feel here, as if all your needs are being met. You are feeling loved, nourished, and kept safe. Enjoy that feeling... It feels as a long times has elapsed.

You are resting, and yet you are floating free. You have complete freedom, with no trouble, no requirements. Breathe that in.(pause). As you breathe in, there is something special. In your freedom, you also realize how wonderful you are. How there are so many things you are free to do. How lovely and beautiful the world of light is, up above. And how much fun it is to be in it, to bless the world with your unique presence. You have so many gifts to give the world. There are seeds within you. There are seeds that can become something special, something that is yours to express. Ponder for a moment on these seeds that are unique to you.


You are resting but something is also happening. You are like a seed, and when there is water, a seed will absorb that water. You are absorbing the waters around you and you feel yourself growing... Growing bigger and bigger. (pause)

Now you notice that you feel less comfortable. You are so full, so inspired. You are full of life and vigor. Now you definitely want to expand, to see the light, to have the opportunity to make real your dreams of love and accomplishment. You don't really fit here anymore. You are growing too full for this nurturing space. You simply must go out. And the only way out is the way in, so you begin to squeeze through the circular door once more. You push past the turns and twists of the narrow passage. It feels tighter now that it did before. You twist and squirm to get around the bends. You moan. And finally, with a last great push, you come forth from between the great birthing stones and take a deep, shuddering, breath of wonderful fresh air. You stretch your arms up and expand your chest. The light is upon you and you shoot up toward the glorious world of sun and possibility. Here we are again, in our bodies, our bodies renewed with possibility.

Springtime is around the corner. New life is coming forth once more all around us. As our bodies are part of the great earth body, we too are creating new neuronal pathways, new habits and connections, finding new joys and energy.

Feeling energized and alive to the lures of life and love, we slowly open our eyes and sit up. Please tap the floor with your hands several times to remind you that you are here in the real world again.

Now, maintaining our arrangement of birth order on the Wheel of the Year, let us rise up and take hands again. Face the center. As you look to the others in our group, you see how happy we all are. You realize that we are all pregnant with our happy hopes for the new year. We are now ready to help the Goddess give birth to her Son once more.

Procession to the Birthing Chamber

The Birthing Chamber is an area to the East. Stationed at the entrance to Sacred Birth Chamber is a Priestess. All assembled will process to the East for the birth. Priestess (Adelpha) hands a willow wand to each male celebrant as he enters the Birthing Area.

Priestess: (At the entrance to Birth Chamber)

Please all form a procession, and walk to the East (gestures) where the Goddess awaits us.

The men will receive wands as they pass the priestess. Take these aromatic wands and place them gently on the Omphalos – Navel of the Universe. The Hallows of Birthing are about to begin.

A Priestess hand out wands to the men,(which are straight young shoots taken from Willow trees.) A small, rounded hill of local soil - the Omphalos or Earth Navel, as at ancient Delphi - has been placed in a shallow bowl to the north of the Sacred Birthing Bed (large, decorative bedspread (s) with pillows) in this consecrated Chamber.

Men, please plant your wands in the Omphalos, the Sacred Naval of the Earth, and stand by to send strength, blessings and courage to the pregnant Goddess.

The Rapture of Birthing Waves

All celebrants assembled. A large bowl of flower petals is located at the near edge of the bedspread area.

The Goddess Priestess is there already, veiled, on pillows, waiting.


Ladies, please lie down on the bed spread. Take a deep breath in, and now breathe out... deeply again... (3-6 X).Each time you breathe in, feel the force of nature flowing into your body. And as you breathe out, feel this force of nature, the energy of the new year, the new life, flow through your body. You feel it pressing to get out. With each breath you groan, echoing labor’s ecstasies.

Gentlemen, throw flower petals over the women, inviting the Goddess to give birth. With each throw, exclaim ‘Hail Goddess!!’

Ladies, continue to breathe.


Feel the pangs of the Goddess. Move and moan, helping her to give birth to the god of Spring. Ao... Ao... Ao...


Ao... Ao... Ao...

We await the Holy Birth.

GODDESS Priestess: (Veiled)

O... O... O...


The moment has arrived.


Ow... Ow.... Ow....


We will pass over the threshold of Life resurrected... We will sever the umbilicus and an individual will emerge... We will cradle the tiny Infant and praise the Goddess.

Severing the Silver Cord –

The Mystery of Divine Singularity in Plurality

Goddess Priestess: (In Birthing Chamber)

Aaa – Ooo – Uuu – Eee – Iii – Ya!!


We participate in the Holy Pains of Birth, we see that the moment has arrived...



We sever the umbilicus in a blaze of light.

A large Red Egg, richly painted with symbols of the sacred, is lifted.(A goodly length of string connects Egg with the Goddess' hand. This string is ceremonially severed in a blaze of candle light (battery operated candles.


And an independent Being emerges, a perfect Child of the new year!

Ring bell or gong, soft shimmer.

A basket is produced and a Priestess or Priest places the Egg inside. It is given to the Goddess' Priestess. She cradles it, then hands it with blown kisses to a Feraferian Priestess who cradles it for a while, then just before the statue of the young boy and girl gods are lifted, quietly covers it.

NOTE: A large, clear bowl of water is located to the side, next to the wall. Next to that, covered, is the statue of Kore Hebe and Kouros Ganymede.


This time of year is a time for magical rejuvenation. The Goddess will dip into the Fountain of Timeless Youth and re-emerge as a sweet child. She will shed her former self to become a little girl once again. Let us sing to aid her magic:

Priestess sings:

In torrents of spring, the Moon Maid unfolds, to buds unsheathing;

In torrents of Spring, the Sun babe is born to sap arising!

The Goddess' Priestess dances over to a large bowl of water. She stoops and dips her arms in deep water.


Now all ladies please come to the sacred spring, symbolized by this water, and stoop down as if dipping yourself into a sacred spring for deep rejuvenation.

As this is taking place, the Goddess Priestess quietly steps back and removes her "Goddess Cloak and Crown" to resume her role as a mortal.


Now the Goddess has become a divine little girl and has joined the divine boy. Evoe Kore! Evoe Kouros!!

The Priest unveils a statue of the 2 divine children. Then the Priest and Priestess will carry the statue of the two Divine Children and place it on the central altar.

Now let us hold hands and return to the magic circle, the Faerie Henge.

All Mystai (Mystery celebrants) return to the Magic Circle, headed up by the Priestess and Priest carrying the statue.

The Mystery of Divine Pairing and Wholeness

The following two evocations are addressed to sculpture of Hebe and Ganymede on the main altar.

Evocation of Kore Hebe


– Kore! Most delicate Maid of shining tresses and luminous flesh... Kore! Renew our bond with the pulse of life; let us shout and play with innocent abandon.... Let hope suffuse all as they partake of the sweet nectar You bear from Elysium – the Garden of Eternal Delights –

Hemera, Sister of the rising Helios....

We throw kisses to You, Kore... little One... innocent One....Shining Goddess of Spring. We salute You.

Evocation of Kouros Ganymede


It is the time for life reborn... for bare buds, for unwhorling leaves, for the return of birds... The Goddess has brought forth a Child – Kouros Ganymede – illustrious Babe of early morn. Kouros!Divine Child Who bears the dew of Spring to Parnassos, infinite abode of Goddesses and Gods. We greet Your Holy Birth. Let all Nature rejoice in Your continual return.

All hail, Kouros Ganymede, sweet Chrysippus, marvellous Phaeton...Hail to the newly-born God of Spring!





Now we will sing and dance the circle in honour of Spring, and birth, and the new godlings, Kore and Kouros. Feel free to let go of hands and dance faster and faster, as the spirit moves you.

All: (Circling and singing)

In torrents of Spring the Moon Maid unfolds to buds unsheathing

In torrents of Spring the Sun Babe is born to sap arising.

(repeat many times, while dancing in circle) and let the energy build to a natural climax. When done, allow participants to ground for a moment by touching the floor before proceeding.)

The Aval Communion

OMusician makes a soft rhythm.

Priestess (stepping into the circle)

Let us take hands again, and send a kiss around the circle; as you feel comfortable, of course.

She kisses person to her left, who does same, and on around the circle while all clap softly in unison to the drum.


Listen quietly, enjoy, and promote feelings of love and intuition everywhere throughout the World, as we anoint you.

Priestesses anoint foreheads of the Celebrants with drops of rose oil. (Have 4 containers of oil ready)


This scent represents the Breath of the Maiden –

Essence of Intelligence and Empathy.

Priestess from altar: Lifts incense.

O Priest:

This flame represents the Blood of the Maiden –

Essence of Passion and Compassion.

OPriestess from altar: Lifts candle.


This fruit represents the gift of the Maiden’s Flesh -

Essence of Proportion and Beauty.

O Priestess: Lifts fruit; strawberries (or plums ?).

O Priest:

This water represents the Milk of the Maiden –

Essence of Mercy and Tenderness.

OPriestess: Lifts cup of spring water.

O Priest:

What is the Quintessence of the Maiden’s Soul?

The Holy Fascination of the supremely Alive and Beautiful.

O Priestess: Holds up flower.


What is the penultimate of the Maiden Spirit?

Innocent childlike love.

O OPriestess and Priest: Seal with kiss. Each blows kisses to the celebrants.

O Priestess:

And what is the Will of the Maiden?

This Korythalia is for life ever-lasting,

Delicacy and Joy for the unique as well as the Universal.

O Priestess: Shows Korythalia (a small leafing branch) in the mode of Eleusis. Soft music continues.



On a tray she has 4 small bowls with strawberries and a big, wide, beautiful glass full of virgin spring water slightly touched with herb or spice.

(Lifts up the sacred Tray)

Ambrosia of trees – Quintessence of Fire and Earth –

Eonic Body of the Maiden.

By Her Love freely given and with harm to none

thine own body become.

The same priestesses present fruit to each celebrant in the circle; they delicately place a piece of fruit of season in each mouth.

Priestess Lifts up the crystal Bowl of spring water:

Nectar of springs, Quintessence of Air and water –

Eonic fountainhead of the Maiden.

By Her Love freely given and with harm to none,

thine own fountainhead become.

Priestess splashes each celebrant with a bit of the water (flicking it toward them with their hand).

Kore Prayer

(Recited by all celebrants together, while holding hands in the circle).

O Priestess: (guides)

Oh Holy Maiden!

Of the Kindling Quick,

Of merging mist and mazing echo,

The innocent bounty of the trees

Bears Thy Faerie Flesh of Wildness,

Wonder, Magic, Mirth and Love.

They Beauty seals our Bridal with all Life.

The dance of Thy Green Pulse unfolds all Souls,

all Bodies and all Blessings

From Earth’s fragrant Form.

Grant us therefore the Blessings of Life Everlasting

In Paradise all-surrounding

In rapture of Love ever new!

OPriestess:(twirls alone and sings)

Evoe Kore Kai Kouros!

Evoe Potnia Kai Potnios!

Arretos Koura!



Closing of Temple, Four Cross-Quarters and Center

O Priestess

I shall now close the Temple.

The Faery Spirits of all Quarters and Cross-Quarters

Are welcome to return to their Earth Realms and Starry dimensions

The four Fairies of Silver Celestial Reaches disappear to the realms beyond.

May their blessings

ripen within the close of these faery markers,

And may the altar irradiate our whole region, Earth and Sky,

With Love, beauty, Kindness, Vitality, truth and Wisdom.

Ho! So be it!

Kore and Kouros, thank you for the blessings of your Presence.

Now go if you must, or stay if you will. Hail and farewell.

Sun Door, Sun Door, Oaken Door, crossed with Holly,

Close now upon the Day, and azure Airs, and golden Sun, and archetypal Light! .

(She swings left hand from outstretched to over her breast)

Moon Door, Moon Door, Door of Alder, crossed with Willow,

Close now upon the Night, and fiery stars, and silver moon, and demiurgic Dark! (She swings right hand from outstretched to over her breast)

We offer thanks to all great Spirit Beings

who have attended our Sacred Rite.

May They bear the Blessings and Love of our devotions

to all worlds, realms, zones and planes!



She is Complete and Perfect!

So mote it be.

The Aval Communion is completed, the Temple is sealed. Please notice the tingling and streaming in your body as you circle out of the Henge and make your way to the Feast of Spring in the South east, free and open to all.

Let the Bacchanalia begin!

Evoe Kore!Evoe Kouros! Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!

Priestess or Priest rouses the celebrants, the Convivium, to a festive pitch. All move to the feast area where large quantities of small taste treats await.



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