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Lammas 2014


We had a warm-hearted revel on August 2nd, celebrating the honeymoon of Kore and Kouros - the Divine Lovers. It was also an Aphrodisia, a feast dedicated especially to Aphrodite, who appeared from behind the veils to personally bless each one present. Delicate glasses of red and green liquors flowed around the circle, and we danced to honor the Gods. Here below is the script for the Rite, which we used and also used as a springboard for happy improvisation, especially at the end when we formed a chanting ring of celebrants.







For the date when the Sun is on 15° Leo, (cross-quarter of Summer), approximately August Second

written by Lady Svetlana of Feraferia
with selected passages by Fredederick McLaren Adams

Aquarian Age XIX

Lay-out & Design
Peter Tromp
Illustrations by Frederick MacLaren Adams
Copyright: Feraferia 2000 and modified by Fairfax Feraferia, 2014


“Followers of Love - The Troubadours”

Sacred Honeymoon of Aphrodite and Adonis

Provide scented oils and flowering leis. Have flowers / flower petals in a basket for Aphrodite to sprinkle. Lay out altar with spring water, etc. as necessary for Aval Communion. A small fire in the middle is nice, but needs to be easily covered for safety if needed at this time of year. Place votive candles (battery operated is fine) on table on way to henge.

Priestess as Herald - Ad lib welcome, then:

This is the season of Lammas – the mid point between the summer solstice and the autumnal equinox, when fruit ripen as do the breasts of the Goddess to the meanderings of the great lovers through Her orchards and His meadowlands.

The Aphrodisia begins in this apple - nut month of the Sacred Year with the opening of the Temple and the four cross-quarters.

Please pick out a rattle, drum or other noise maker. We will process out to the stone circle with some rhythm, just a simple "da — da DA, da — da DA" (repeat). And please pick up a 'candle as you go past the glass table on the patio.

Let's go to henge.

Henge has fruit and flowers in circles around the center, where in rests a cauldron/large metal bowl for fire (later).

Opening of Temple

Unsealing the Astral Doors

Priestess (may alternate with Priest)at edge of the henge:

She crosses her arms over her breast, right arm over left, her hands open and palms down. She intones the following recitation:

Sun Door, Sun Door!

Thorn and Oak crossed with Holly! Open!

Revealing azure golden Day and archetypal Light.

She may cast a point-upward pentagram.

Her right arm and open palm swing out to the right to open the great Sun Door.

With powerful radiance of kinaesthetic energy s/he intones:

Moon Door, Moon Door!

Ash and Alder crossed with Willow! Open!

Revealing silver celestial seas in the Mystery Night!

S/he may cast a point-upward pentagram.

His/Her left arm and palm swing out to the left to open the great astral Moon Door with the same windy blast of etheric force.

During the proceedings, the instructed should entertain inner ‘telesmatic’ imagery of humming spheres, trilling stars and the resounding road of the Galaxy: the so called ‘Music of the Spheres’.


The inner precincts of this great Temple of Love,

Koreion Aralia

have been opened and hermetically unsealed.

May all great and harmonious Spirit Beings

who attend these Sacred Rites

assist us in our devotions of Love!

She/They enter(s) the Ring.

Evocation of the Four Cross-Quarters

Priestess and Priest:

For cross-quarter ceremonies such as Lammas, the seasonal Fays may be evoked facing the cross-quarter (or inter-cardinal) stones: Northwest; Northeast; Southeast and Southwest.

Facing Northwest or Samhain she intones:

Gnomes of Earth bless all living things

with the flora and fauna of soil.

Scorpio raise Your Tail to Selket.

Glory in the sense of taste.

Raise a yellow apple.

Facing Northeast or Oimelc he intones:

Nyads of Water bless all liquid domains

with Your clarifying moisture.

Aquarius let Your Waters rise to meet the Skies of Nuit.

Glory in the sense of hearing.

Raise some spiced water and pour it on the fruit around the altar.

Facing Southeast or Beltane she intones:

Sylphs of Air bless this whole planet and its surround

with Your purifying air announcing new birth of love.

Taurus raise the Horns of consecration to Hathor.

We celebrate the sense of smell.

Raise some incense and waft it around the circle.

Facing Southwest or Lammas (present celebration) he/ intones:

Salamanders of Fire bless the core of Earth and all suns

with the essence of cleansing heat.

Leo raise Your powerful Paws to Sekhmet.

We celebrate the sense of sight.

Raise a candle, or flaming brazier.

Invocation of Zenith, Nadir and Centre


Zenithides! Great Lovers of the Zenith!

Nadirides! Great Lovers of the Nadir!

Join hands and hips, bellies and lips,

Here upon the White Wedding Stone of Earth,

Beneath the starry shade of the Cosmic Mill Tree,

Where all souls press into the echoing root of Touch,

To enclasp living alter and to kiss throbbing Omphalos,

From Whoseshimmering Flesh,

The Four Rivers of Faerie into all Worlds flow!

Gathering before Aphrodite,

Divine Ruler of The Golden Age, and

Pledge of Allegence to the Trees


Gather, celebrants to implement the generous spirit of Aphrodite who has given us the paradisal heritage of flowering fruit trees, a rainbow sanctuary where all species may mingle together in a net of ley-lines overflowing with cosmic energy.

Now we pledge allegiance to the flowering fruit tree, the horticultural basis for creating an eco-viable, eco-psychic, societal whole.

Wilderness is both a manifestation of the Divine Form in our three dimensional world and also a Being unto Herself to Star paths beyond.

These deep, earthy elements are indispensable if cosmic awareness is not to be lost in the ethers like a loosened kite from the grip of child-like hands. The outlook in the Piscean Era, has, at best, inspired a vision of the City of God as the heavenly abode where Light is omnipresent and the nuances of Being are obliterated by constant and excessive brilliance.

On the other hand, the ancient Greek vision of Elysium outlines an Edenic Bower where all creatures dance rapturously... And the colour is Green – the prescious essence of plant life – source of the pulse of an animate and animated world.


The gynecoid realm and outlook in terms of plenitude and abundance, having female characteristics, indicates to us that the core of our existence is the Flowering Fruit Tree, the most benign and beautiful harmonic adaption we can make to echo the Elysian Fields beyond.

Fruit, fruit, fruit, not manna or bread – produce of grain – are the serpent – entwined Staff of Life – the Caduceus of fleet-footed Hermes, the Jokester, the Healer - Guide of the Dead – Who leads us to Persephonian transformations where we may re-enter the abode of Aphrodite – most beautiful, most sublime, most sensual!!! EVOE APHRODITE!

Let us embrace around the fruit and flowers in the centre and send love rays to plants and animals throughout the world, especially Chaparral, Flowering Fruit Groves, and Orchards of Aphrodite and the Prairies, Plains and Meadows of Adonis. As the rays circumambulate the planet, bless all growing things in these eco-systems. EVOE!

Direct all present to hug the people on each side of them and send out love rays to the trees and plants of the world.

Ode to Aphrodite and Adonis

Priestess: (Goes to sacred platform)

In the heat of the afternoon…

At the height of Summer…

She lies by the shimmering pool and awaits Her Sacred Lover…

Oh Aphrodite, Goddess of Beauty,

Oh, Venus Divine, You sensual One.

Your Hips beckon seductively.

Your Breasts tremble-

Oh! What bliss awaits Him in the shadows of Your broad leaves…

…Beautiful Adonis, of meadows – green and yellow.

Come with urge and passion along the river bend.

Ares, Hu, Cernunnos, Your horses gallop madly.

Come, red-headed Mars

To embrace Your Heavenly Queen.

Charge and Charm of Lammas

(by Fred McLaren Adams)


This is the Charge and Charm of Lammas

The Festival of Fruiting and Beginning of Harvest

It is also the meandering of the Honeymoon

As fruits in scented groves ripen,

The Breasts of the Goddess begin to swell.

In the green shade of His Hands

Her Honeymoon Breasts fruit out mazes of leaf.

Priest/ess directs all to repair to a bower in garden where the two statues stand.

Mysteries of the Sacred Honeymoon

A bowl of fruit stands before the statues. Celebrants by two sway two palm fronds as if to cool them.

Priestess of Aphrodite:


Whose Honeymoon spirit expands

to include all

in the glorious sweet Flesh of Aphrodite.

Two glasses have been placed on small tray. One contains red liqueur, (maybe Crême de Noyeaux) and one green liqueur (maybe Crême de Menthe).

Music stops.

Priest of Adonis:

Partake of the red bittercore –

the seed of fertilisation

and enjoy the sweetness of lust in the Name of Adonis.

Priestess of Aphrodite:

Partake of this green minted chaparral,

the voluptuous thicket of Her Sacred Passion –

and feel the magnetic pulse of attraction

Throughout your body in the Name of Aphrodite.

Each celebrant tastes both liqueurs.

Priestess of Aphrodite:

And soon celebrants glimpse the radiance of prolonged tantra and chrysokyma-

The eternal embrace of Aphrodite and Adonis

For the ever-continuing revelation and renewal of the universe.

Sparkles are lighted as Priestess of Aphrodite announces:

In this season of fire and the sense of sight

Observe the glorious Brilliance of Aphrodite and Adonis converted to joy and joviality

This is the season of sight They share into other’s eyes.

Ode to Aphrodite

Priest or Priestess: (chants)

Goddess of Love and Sensuality

We seek Thee out in canyon woodlands,

In chaparral and flowering fruit groves.

Oh! Aphrodite – so kind and beautiful.

Come forth, come forth, come forth!!!

Ode to Ares

Priest/ess (chants)

Ares, Hu, Cernunnos

Of meadows and the plains

Hurrah for Thee –

Great God of Lust and Joy –

Great God of Lust and Joy –

Priestess and Priest exchange a passionate kiss and embrace. Then each kisses celebrants.


We exchange playful kisses with you

to inspire your remembrance of ecstasy of fiery Eros. Now please take your candle and place it before the icon of Aphrodite or Adonis, and gaze into their eyes before returning to your spot.

Poem to Adonis

Priestess of Aphrodite -

Recites Hymn to Adonis facing statue of Him.

Ares, Mars, Adonis, Hu, Cernunnos, infuse our bodies with the delicious excitement of attraction. Appear with impact and boldness in green pastures, where great hoofed beings roam wild and free. Come! Mighty Horned God of plains and prairies. Activate our courage and hardiness. Protect our planet from pillagers and despoilers, and protect us from their self-righteousness and malicious manipulations… Help us peacefully establish the Queendom of the Gods on Holy Earth! Adonis! Tender yet passionate Lover, soothe our flayed spirits!Appear as the dashing Cavalier, who grants us an exuberant and exhilarated life !

Confer upon us, Oh Ares, the blessings of drive so that we may achieve our goals in service to the Goddess–given–Gods. Come forth as Priapus of infinite Virility and Potency without limit in any way.

When Your triumphant Trumpet and hailing Horn resound through field and meadow, let our untamed souls and unfettered natures roam playfully and with gay abandon, as cool breezes of the late afternoon invigorate our muscles. The romantic spirit enters to entice You to troubadour courtship and refinement… Come with your blessings, Divine Seducer! Divine Lover; come! Holy Artificer, come! Come with Love, Sentiment, and Lust!

Evocation of Aphrodite/Aphra

(by Lady Svetlana)

Priest of Adonis :

Recites Evocation to Aphrodite facing the veils behind the statue.

Aphrodite, Venus, Astarte, Tanit, empassion our bodies – temporal, astral, and eternal with Your intense voluptuousness. Infuse our bodies with Your radiance of blessed sensuality. Oh! Beauteous One of flowering groves, orchards, and deciduous forests, the exuberant overflow of rainbow tapestries, woven by Your Damsels of Divine Display... Come... Sacred Butterfly come to pollinate our beings with compassion and erotic love. Come opulently! Come lushly! Come with unlimited mercy! You, Whose tingling caress unites proton and electron, male and female, species with species, planet with planet, galaxy with galaxy. Come, Great Cosmic Courtesan of infinite sumptuousness and comfort without end. Let us partake of Your Bodily Splendour.

Grant us the vision of Your Raspberry Flesh and Pineapple Essence. Appear in Your evergreen Realms of chaparral and canyon woodland where we shall forever lingour on Your Opulent Bosom perfumed with night-blooming jasmine and sweet-smelling gardenias beneath the broad-leaved magnolia trees with their giant white flowers.

Aphrodite – most ancient Goddess of Bliss, Whose flamenco guitar, clacking castanets and jangling tambourines are heard in the soothing heat of late afternoon near glittering pools of water lilies and shade of luscious orchards and groves. Come – Beloved One! Come forth! Come!

EVOE APHRODITE – the Beautiful – COME!

Have everybody pick up and shake their rattles to rouse the Goddess:

Remain with statues.

Now Aphrodite appears from behind veils at the back of the Moon Platform, dressed as the divine Goddess herself.

Aphrodite Speaks

Aphrodite: I am Aphrodite Anadyomene (A – NA – DI – Ó –ME – NE), foam born in mists of evening from oceanic uterine shoals of Amphitrite most profound. I am the most beautiful, most generous, most sublime. Those who love in My Name partake of My Divine Sensuality – the wondrous Flower of Erotic Fusion and Expansion. The aromatic wonders of my Perfumes are all pervasive. No one can resist my Gaze of overwhelming desire and allure. I abhor chastity. She who falters in her yearnings, who denies the loved one, throws herself into parched and arid soil or the freeze of arctic Winter. My delectable Charms bewitch souls both ethereal and earthy – hearty and hale, yet sensitive and delicate... With my Lure of longing I subdue all wild beasts, and pair by pair, the lion with eyes of flame, the heavy-footed bear, the grim-eyed wolf retreat down the darkness of the glens to clutch each other in passionate embrace.

And so I stand spinning cosmic fibres into mortal thread and thus transform strands of Being into Creation for I want to see all worlds proliferate with myriads of life-forms who shall come together in praise of Me, their Mistress, their Enchantress, their Golden Queen.

As Aphrodite Morpho, as Aphrodite Kallipygos, I stand in My immortal Raiment on the summit of Acrocorinthus with My Lover, Adonis, and await the gorgeously bedecked procession of peoples streaming down distant mountains in florid fever of a Summer evening. With flutes and lyres, with tambourines and systrums, with rattles and drums, the winding coil of humanity dances in rhythm, slow, but gradually crescendoing to a peak of explosive fervour as they approach My Temple, a Nipple on My Mountain Breast.

They dance and mingle flesh in My magic mazes, they seek the Secret Portal in the twilight hill blazing with night-perfuming blooms and Faerie flambeaux and they sing “I have eaten from the timbrel; I have drunk from the cymbal; I have descended into the Wedding Chamber.” For I am also aligned with Persephone of two worlds. I am the Divine Glory of all kinds of Love.

Now come to the Sacred Workings of Eros and Hemeros in the Sacred Precincts, the orgy born of My Infinite Bounty where mortals may commingle with the Immortals for an interlude of love in the Garden.

Burn amber tears of frankincense and scarlet blood drops of myrrh of my Lord Adonis. Harken to the clicking castanets and guttural falsetto of the Gypsies as they stamp their code in a tango of intense and enraptured concentration upon my Divine Form... Do not hesitate; remove your garment for the love feast and adorn your bodies with glistening jewels and gentle garlands, anoint each other with exotic scented oils brought from distant places by wandering troubadours.

Have each participant now remove a layer of clothing and anoint one or two others using the oils in bottles on the sides of the altar.

For behold, you shall see Me blazing for an instant of glory never to be forgotten as waves of passion build to the impact of climatic rapture… And when your forms serpentine twine together – en masse – on the pearly strands by close nectar-filled lakes while choruses of groans and sighs fill the skies above then the whole earth shall sway to My Sublime Symphony – a Galactic Erotic Mass. And when ecstatic consummations saturating flesh and fibre are transformed to sweet and rippling afterglow, I shall hover in your midst till My ambrosial aroma permeates all crevices and pores of your landscape and soulscape everywhere and forever...

In the time when My Evening Star rises, rest on grand cushions of rich brocade and listen to the longing of the nightingale and the whispering of the cricket as the night captures you gently in Her seductive arms. Rest and dream of Isis so fragrant while fireflies syncopate their lights in response to the pulsing of the stars.

Now, I depart, but the memory of Aphrodite – Most Beloved – Most Adored - shall linger in your tissues till My next gracious Epiphany. Farewell, enjoy My feast – the bounteous overflow of My Evergreen Generosity! Enjoy... In Joy... Enjoy...

Aphrodite showers all guests with flowers then retreats behind the veils.

Instructions in the Art of Love


My love, you, like the Goddess of Love, shall transform each man from a man of crudity into a courtier. Also you shall be the maid of honour who elevates men's souls from the level of lowliness to that of the lofty plane of ecstasy. I am at your service as troubadour for your delight.


In the Name of the Divine Adonis, Who is beloved of Persephone and Aphrodite, I accept your adoration and promise to be your mentor. Adonis is a God of transformation from Love in Life to Love unto Death and Beyond – the link between – Love on Earth and Love in Elysium. And I await from you the wisdom of Adonis in the art of holy love, to enrapture our souls. Let us begin!

If you follow these instructions we will be able to bestow upon you a Love Eternal, through the twisting tunnel of Adonis to the Isles of the Blest.


Ah!I bow to You my beloved, Heavenly One; let the learning begin in brief.


I believe a Gentle man always keeps himself and his dwelling healthy, clean, neat, and fit.

The Lady helps him. Could each person say something they feel is helpful and true from their own experience?

Second person (along these lines):

He helps his Lady with the upkeep of her place of residence as she helps him with his.

Third person (along these lines):

He provides gifts of scent, flowers, tasty morsels, and other works of artistry

and she reciprocates in kind.

Fourth person (along these lines):

Together they explore and become caretakers of sacred places in nature, such as waterfalls, glades, mountaintops, and caverns. Together they seek out culture

- music, dance, song, plays, and poetry.

Fifth: (ad lib)

etc. til the last person has spoken, then:


It is very important that they both learn to be wonderful lovers – romantically and erotically.

Learn the pathways to ecstacy both within yourself and the other.

Together our gazes, our hearts, our touches will lead to the experience of bliss

that makes all parts of the Lovers tingle orgasmically

and brings the soul to sing the cosmic ‘song’ thus stimulating

and lightening of the entire surround.


Both Sense the nurturing and creative power of our earth, whose life giving energies flow through all. Channel the forces of life in earth, join them with your own erotic energies, and pass them from one to the other and back in a circle of building fire. May this fire heal all.

Together you will learn to redirect your vital fluids and energies from your sexual centers to the starry cosmos and back down to earth, showering all with the blessings of your ecstasy.

Blessed be Psyche and Eros!

Summons to Lovers for the Dance


In honor of Aphrodite I summon all lovers to gather in two concentric circles –- the symbol of wholeness in the universe Some of you, stand outside - in a circle in front of the others;you will chant praises in honour of Aphrodite.

Enchant the Goddess - and enchant all those who love. Dance with me - Dance for Aphodite!

All those in the middle, raise your left hand and step forward; grasp the left hand of the person on the outside facing you, and step forward; then reach out your right hand to swing past the next person's right hand. Continue on and around the circle this way, weaving in and out. (After they are under way.) Now repeat after me,





(repeat ad lib).

All chant and circle around, raising the energy to a peak of ecstasy, then ground it.

The Aval Communion

(by Fred McLaren Adams)

Priestess anoints foreheads of the Celebrants with drops of essential oil first. Rose oil is a good choice.


This scent represents the Breath of the Maiden –

Essence of Intelligence and Empathy.

Priestess: Lifts incense.


This flame represents the Blood of the Maiden –

Essence of Passion and Compassion.

Priestess: Lifts candle.


This fruit represents the gift of the Maiden’s Flesh -

Essence of Proportion and Beauty.

Priestess: Lifts fruit; apples for Lammas.


This spring water represents the Milk of the Maiden –

Essence of Mercy and Tenderness.

Priestess: Pours out the cup of spring water onto the grass.


And what is the Quintessence of the Maiden’s Soul?

The Holy Fascination of the supremely Alive and Beautiful.

Priestess: Holds up Flower.


And what is the penultimate of the Maiden Spirit?

Innocent childlike love.

Priest and Priestess seal with kiss.


And finally what is the Will of the Maiden?

This Korythalia branch is for life ever-lasting,

Delicacy and Joy for the unique as well as the Universal.

Priestess: Shows Korythalia in the mode of Eleusis (unveils in a blaze of light).


(by Fred McLaren Adams)


On a tray she has a small bowl with pineapple and a big, beautiful glass full of virgin spring water slightly touched with herb or spice. The spring water should be obtained when the New Moon is visible. The flask in which spring water is kept must be blessed in the name of Kore. Commercially bottled spring water may be substituted.

Lifts up the sacred Tray

Ambrosia of trees – Quintessence of Fire and Earth –

Eonic Body of the Maiden.

By Her Love freely given and with harm to none

thine own body become.

She presents the Tray to each celebrant in the circle and delicately places a piece of pineapple, the fruit of season in each mouth.

Lifts up the crystal Bowl of spring water

Nectar of springs, Quintessence of Air and water –

Eonic fountainhead of the Maiden.

By Her Love freely given and with harm to none,

thine own fountainhead become.

She presents the grail-bowl to each Celebrant, who takes it and swallows a sip.

Kore Prayer

Recited by all celebrants together, while holding hands in the circle.

Priestess: (guides)

Oh Holy maiden!

Of the Kindling Quick,

Of merging mist and mazing echo,

The innocent bounty of the trees

Bears Thy Faerie Flesh of Wildness,

Wonder, Magic, Mirth and Love.

Thy Beauty seals our Bridal with all Life.

The dance of Thy Green Pulse

Unfolds all Bodies and all Blessings

From Earth’s fragrant Form.

Grant us therefore the Blessings of Life Everlasting

In Paradise all-surrounding

In Rapture of Love ever-new!

Priestess: (twirls alone and sings)

Evoe Kore Kai Kouros!

Evoe Potnia Kai Potnios!



Priestess and Priest:

They serve the Libation – Adonis Punch; (Divine pineapple delight); pineapple juice, lime, coconut, apricot juice and apricot brandy (Aphrodisia Elixir).

Everyone offers toasts to the Gods. When the toast is given each celebrant raises glass and cries in unison.


(First Toast)Evoe Aphrodidte!

(Second Toast)Evoe Adonis!

(Third Toast)Evoe Ares!

Closing of Temple, Four Cross-Quarters and Centre

(by Fred McLaren Adams and Lady Svetlana)

Priestess: (as Megeia)

I shall now close the Temple.

This side – a sinistra – of Tauria-Lea

Is concealed.

The other side – a destra – of Scorpia–Aquaria

Is also concealed.

The Gates of (* name of your own Temple) are closed

Till the next revelation.

The spirits of all the cross-quarters

Are asked to return to the nether realms and dimensions

Till their next revelation.

So Mote it Be.


The Aval Communion is completed, the Temple is sealed –

the Bacchanalia begins. Listen with joy to this music and be of good cheer.

A feast follows with colour-coded table setting, this means yellow and beige for Lammas. The same applies for the foods; use yellow food like lemon meringue pie, pineapple mousse, banana cream pie, lemon jello with bananas, potato casserole with yellow mustard, cauliflower curry, banana squash, yellow melon, yellow pepper, corn, small yellow crookneck squash, stuffed eggs, yellow fruit salad, etc.

Festive social encounters follow. Suggested music: popular Spanish. Mexican, Caribbean music or Latin Rhythms.

A few celebrants who are instructed, preferably Initiates, remain in the Ring to complete an esoteric sealing. This sealing is not intended to block off the flow of Sacred Energies, but to insulate, condense and channel them, so their flow is grounded and pooling. The Ethers and the numinous afterglow must be conserved for slow continual circulation at a gentle level of intensity, assimilable by everyday consciousness. Some current and radiance must be guided into the home and the whole surrounding landscape to benefit all beings.



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