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Feraferia Beltane (Script)




For the date when the Sun is on 15° Taurus, (cross-quarter of Spring)

Or the nearest convenient date (e.g. weekend eve)

written by L. Svetlana of Feraferia

with selected passages by Frederick McLaren Adams

Aquarian Age XIX

with modifications by S. Ariel and Meldor, 2013

Copyright: Feraferia 2000 and 2013


Festival of the Divine Courtship of Psyche and Eros

(Note: Kore is the young Goddess, kardia ton kosmos in the ancient Greek, meaning Heart of the Earth. Kouros is her beloved partner, also divine. Adelpha means "sister". )

Priestess (improvise): Welcome to this cross-quarter festival of Beltane. (Improvise: Explain where this festival falls in the journey of the Year (time of flowering) and the annual growth and unfoldment of Gaia Kore (Her engagement to Kouros). Instruct to cross bridge while chanting A-o-oo-ay-ee-uh, repeatedly, then form a circle around the Henge.)

Drums as participants enter, and cross the bridge

Priestess: The Beltane Festival of Psyche and Eros – Hermes falls around May 5th in the Willow Month of Saille. We dedicate this day and this season to Psyche-Aphaia, and to Her Landscape Love Body of Gardens, Faerie Palaces, Sacred Plazas, Temples and Elfin landscapes, and all Fay Beings therein.

Priest: We also dedicate this day and season to Her Paramour; Eros-Hermes; and to His Landscape Body of shores, marshes, swamps, ecotones, all microorganisms, decomposers and assimilators of the raw elements.

The Charm of Beltane

Priestess (Sing with appropriate mime):

This is the Charge and Charm of Beltane

The Festival of Full Flowering

Sex crowns the Holy Nakedness of blossoming pistil and stamen.

The Two are divided, only to be moulded closer in bliss.

Glistening, dewy and fresh,

The Holy Pair announce Their Engagement.

Quivering for the joyful clasp

Soft dewy petals unfold, pungent Male and fragrant Female.

Opening of Temple - Unsealing the Astral Doors


As we go forward, everyone please maintain inner ‘telesmatic’ imagery

of humming spheres, trilling stars and the resounding road of the Galaxy: the so called ‘Music of the Spheres’.

Priestess crosses her arms over her breast, right arm over left, her hands open and palms down against breast. She intones the following recitation:

Sun Door, Sun Door!

Thorn and Oak crossed with Holly! Open!

Revealing azure golden Day and archetypal Light.

She draws upward pointing pentagram.

Her right arm and open palm swing out to the right to open the great Sun Door. With powerful radiance of kinaesthetic energy she intones:

Moon Door, Moon Door!

Ash and Alder crossed with Willow! Open!

Revealing silver celestial seas in the Mystery Night!

She draws an upward pointing pentagram.

Her left arm and palm swing out to the left to open the great astral Moon Door with the same windy blast of etheric force.

Priestess: The sacred inner precincts of this great Temple of Love,

Koreion (name of your Temple),

Have been opened and hermetically unsealed.

May all great and harmonious Spirit Beings

who attend these Sacred Rites

Assist us in our devotions of Love!

She enters the Ring.

Evocation of the Quarters and the Cross-Quarters


Celestial Fay of the Great Cardinal Directions, I call on you to join us here and now, in the world between worlds! (Make a circle with wand or hands out in invitation)

Hail South! ...Hail West!... Hail North!... Hail East!

We are here in (name of your place), founded in (year) by the (original settlers), who called it (the earliest place name). From here we call the faerie spirits of the sacred land all around us, then we will honor the Elemental Faerie of the Cross Quarters.

(the following place names are Examples of sacred land/water forms in the 8 directions - use topo Maps or Google Maps to find such places around your circle)

From the South we reach out to the spirits of Trabuco Canyon and Dana Point.

From the Southwest we call in the spirits of Crystal Cove State Park.

From the West we reach out to the spirits of Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve and the great Pacific Ocean.

From the Northwest we call in the spirits of Oak Canyon and Lake Irvine.

From the North we reach out to the Spirits of Mount Baldy and San Antonio Mountain.

From the Northeast we call in the spirits of Lake Matthews.

From the East we reach out to the spirits of Corona Lake and Mount San Jacinto.

And from the Southeast, we call in the spirits of Lake Elsinore and Santiago Peak.

Priestess: Facing Southwest or Lammas she intones: Salamanders of Southwest, Fire, bless this earth and sky

with the essence of cleansing heat.

Leo, come forth!

Sense of sight; Priestess raises a candle or lamp.

Facing Northwest or Samhain she intones: Gnomes of Earth, Northwest, bless this planet and her surroundings

with flora and fauna of soil.

Scorpio, come forth!

Sense of taste; Priestess raises rich humus on ceremonial platter.

Facing Northeast or Oimelc she intones: Nyads of Water, Northeast, bless this whole planet and its environ

with your clarifying moisture.

Aquarius, come forth!

Sense of sound; Priestess raises a cup. With fingers, Priestess agitates water in cup so it splashes and tinkles, and pours a tiny bit on the ground.

Facing Southeast or Beltane, she intones:

Sylphs of Air, Southeast, bless this whole planet and its surround

with your purifying air announcing new birth of love.

Taurus, come forth!

Sense of smell; Priestess raises up some incense. Fan to waft currents of fragrance over faces and bodies of celebrants..

Evocation of Center


Zenithides Kai Nadirides

Join hands and hips, bellies and lips

Here upon the White Weddingstone of Earth

Beneath the starry shade of the Cosmic Mill Tree,

Where all souls press into the echoing root of touch,

There to enclasp Living Altar

And to kiss throbbing Omphalos of the Bride

From Whose shimmering Flesh, now and forever,

The Four Rivers of Faerie unto all worlds flow.

Sense of touch of the Cross Quarters. With fingers and palms Priestesses caress surface of stone in center.

World Frames

Priest: May the Guardians of the Fixed Cross bless the landscape lines that surround this great Temple of Love - The Ley Lines, Dragon Paths, Undergrounds and Overgrounds – Biomes and Ecotones. May their subtle lips open upon the Azimuths of our Ring between Worlds and drink Celestial Streams from the Cosmic Regions quartered in these corridors of our Sphere – whose Radius of Imaginary Numbers is Finitely Infinite. May these landscape Lines sluice the Celestial Urge into every Vesicle of the Terrestrial Matrix…

Priestess: Will everybody please hold hands and slowly begin to move clockwise around the circle. Just use a simple step, cross your right foot a little in front of your left foot as you move, like this. (demo) Keep moving around the circle and winding up the energy while we call in Psyche and Hermes. Keep circling until be call on you to honor the Goddess with flowers.

A Psyche Reading

Adelpha: Remember Lovers: the feeling of falling in Love – the ecstatic surge from the Heart - Desire awakening slowly and streaming from the belly, full of Passion yet soulful and demure. Eyes sparkling, nostrils quivering, lips moist with anticipation.

Daphnis serenades His lovely Chloe and She responds with sweet song. Their love duet soars into the skies above. The Lovers pledge their betrothal to each other and to the Blessed Aromas and Fragrances of Psyche and Eros. Hand in hand, they will walk slowly through the darkening woods and disappear from sight …. in the distance – the eerie yet cheerful flute of Pan is heard with shy innuendos anticipating the bliss of consummation.

Evocation of Hermes


Hermes, Eros, Picus Pan quicken our life with Your fleet footed presence. Appear with sudden precision and darting grace. Oh, Hermes of Shore and Everglade. Come vibrantly. Come quickly. Come with surprise. Clarify our intellect. Sharpen our wits. Aide our communication with the Gods, all beings living or dead, with Nature.

Come forth, Great Pan of marsh, swamp and jungle floor. You, oh Mighty One! Who pivots on the balance between childhood and budding manhood, between full flowering and withering decline, between murky decay and joyous rebirth… Whose lustful mirth and ribald stunts engender fear in those on the threshold of new worlds – Mercurius, Master Enchanter volatilise Yourself before our very eyes like a breath of wind...

Priestess (Unveils Pan statue on altar.)

Priestess: Divine Journeyer, guide us through paths of Cosmic Space and Time so we may always remain open and free to new experiences, necessary for our growth. Pan, Horned God Whose eerie flute reverberates through the whistling reeds swayed by Your mischievous blowing of airs. Come forth!! Come, in all Your paradoxicalness, Goat-Footed One, Angelos of Silver-Winged Feet. Come forth!!

Hermes, God of Transition – God of Mentation – God of Surprise – Hermes – Pan of Marshes, Ponds and Swamps – Come forth! We call to You on this day, Eros-Hermes, come forth! Hermes, Come forth! (to crowd, "Repeat after me"- Hermes Come Forth! You Who guides the souls of the Dead – God of Transformation, God of Communication, Come forth! Hermes come forth! and help metamorphose Planet Earth, Hermes come forth! Hermes come forth!

Eros-Hermes, in this Season of Beltane, awaken with loving passion the Holy Floral Stamen.

Priestess: (facing statue or painting) (as She twirls and curtsies.)

Hail Hermes–Eros-Pan,

God of Love, we salute You!

Evocation of Psyche


Psyche, Phereia, Apheia... Sensitize our souls to Your delicate essence. Appear furtively in the twilight haze and dawning mist. Psyche! of magical gardens and enchanted palaces. Come gently, come sweetly, come with dancing grace. Draw forth our empathy for all creatures – plants and animals alike. Open our hearts to the singing of the Gods. Appear – Magical Lady of Sculptured Landscapes, Sacred Temples and Mystic Mazes.

You, most Tender One, Who balances the Scales of Libra between Dream and Reality, Surreal Fancy and Worldly Realisation, between Inspiration and Creation, Longing and Fulfillment… Whose wistful yearning engenders romantic love in Maiden and Youth alike and elicits hope of Eternal Enchantment.

EVOE! Aphaia, Blessed Nymph, Whose soulful dulcimer and ringing bells are heard in the quiet of a moonlit night above the Lake of the Two Silver Swans. Materialise ghostly Lady…. Appear…Come gently, come sweetly, come forth!

Psyche, in this Season of Beltane, unfold the Holy Flower Petals with quivering anticipation!

Hermes is the God of Linkage; Psyche represents the sweet connection between souls. Since this is the Season of Air and the Sense of Smell, we will soon anoint you with sensuous oils so you may be blessed with Love both soulful and sensual.

O Priestess: directs Celebrants to pick up flowers from the May Day basket and place them at the feet of the Pan-Hermes and Psyche statues. (sings):

She wanders through magic twilight –

Enchanted Palaces and Gardens, Her Domain.

Oh – Gentle Psyche –

We bestow our souls to Your care.

Priestess (Humming improvisation while this goes on. Celebrants will no longer be circling around as of now.)

(Kore & Kouros go out of circle area now to prepare for their next entrances.)

Psyche Speaks of Courtship and Enchantment

Priestess: Psyche speaks now, of seduction and enchantment.

Now is the time of courtship. It is My Time. Pollination in the vegetable Queendom is accomplished in peace without violence and upheaval – in windswept ways or perambulations of insects. Throughout most of the animal queendom, the male proceeds cautiously. Sometimes in dancing fashion to win the favour of his lady. With humans, masculine abuse has taken a high toll in tortuous ways, encouraged by the double credo of paternalistic aggression and sexual repression.

So I urge you to foster the art of courting in ways tender and sublime. My Realm of Psyche, Phereia, Aphaia – of Romance, Reverie, Nostalgia, Empathy and Receptivity, combined with the Realm of Hermes, Eros, Pan - Who bestows the qualities of Balance, Adaptability, Discernment, Communication and Metamorphosis should encourage you toward romantic seduction in the Hide and Seek World of Lovers. Let each seek the other with longing, wistfulness and wonder.

I speak from the nebulous depths where dreams are made…. Which then take flight into the vast reaches of space. I am the Winged One. I hover over the diaphanous circumambience of all Earth, and I soar into the vaporous and murky regions of the Heavens. Eros darts after Me in poetic pursuit, where you may not follow save in spirit. I disappear so He may search...

The Love Mysteries of Hide and Seek, and the Womens and Mens Mysteries:

Priestess: Will the Fay of the directions now take up their positions....

Let us partake of the magic of the Love Swans.

Let us commence the Sacred Game of Hide and Seek between Lovers Divine. The Sweet Damsel shall disappear, so, let us join in the game with the Divine Couple.

Drumming begins, softly: Soft drumbeat pattern begins: Rhythmical: dum, (rest), dum-dum, (rest), dum, (rest), dum-dum, (rest). This beat continues with each movement around the circle

Kouros: (appears in the East): Behold! I am Kouros, born of the Earth in this time of the East, in springtime, when buds swell, and birds flutter, smitten with the energies of spring! I am but one half of the divine couple, and I yearn for completion. My complement, my mirror image, is missing from my life. I must journey to find my muse, Kore.

(Kouros moves to the South) (drumbeat while moving)

Kouros: The powers of the South course through my veins! Passion feels overpowering as I yearn for my Kore! Where can I find her? Can she not also feel this overpowering urge? Why does she not spring forth with this same passion that I feel? Where can I find her?

(moves to the West) (drum)

Kouros: Oh, the emotions that I feel, as i am drawn to find Kore! Some times I am elated by the possibilities, and yet at moments I despair, will I ever find my Kore?

(moves to the North) (drum)

Kouros: Where Oh Where is my Kore? I have searched round the circle, and have come here also in my quest. Surely my Kore must appear?!

Spirit of the North: Kouros, calm thyself! I know the passions welling up in you, as they do in many a young buck. You are searching in the primal directions, where desires are projected into the world. It is well to let your feelings and desires be known, but here in the North you must be calm. Ground yourself in the place of the North. The primal directions are where we put our intentions. I hear your desires for completion with Kore, but be aware that in this world, the Fay of place often hold sway over what the world provides. Search to the north-east, where the Fay there may give you guidance

Kouros: (moves to the North-east)

Kouros: Where, oh where is my Kore?

NE Spirit: Kouros, you are right to look to the Fay of place, for we who dwell in the cross quarters are the spirits who dwell in the land around you. The Fay of this NE land provide many things, solid things, things like hearth and home. The sun follows from north to this north-east place, carrying your intentions. We, the Fey of the NE hear most loudly the desires expressed to the North, the direction of Earth. If we judge that you have lived in the right ways, and are worthy of our blessings, we can provide for you. What is it again that you ask?

Kouros: (enthusiastically) Kore! I would love to meet my Kore! We shall embrace in bliss!

NE Spirit: Have you not listened to the North? Such exuberance! These things must be approached with delicacy!

Kouros: (more calmly) Forgive me, Fay of the NE, can you show me a path to Kore?

NE Spirit: Yes, just as you have arisen from the East, go to the SE, and enquire of the Fay of that direction and place.

Kouros: Thank You, Spirit of the NE, be blessed

(As Kouros passes East, he bows in acknowledgment, then he moves to the SE)

Kouros: Oh, Spirits of the Southeast! Please help me in my quest for my divine partner! I seek Kore, my muse!

(Kore is seen behind the SE Spirit: She is eagerly craning to get a look at this new, interesting arrival)

SE Spirit: (spreads arms to hold Kore back) I see we have a pair of forces, eager to connect! Yes, Kouros, this is Kore, the one you have been searching for. Yet she is as young and frisky as a yearling colt, and unprepared, not yet ready for love.

Kore (loudly): Oh! But I am! Let me frolic!

SE Spirit: Ah, the energies of the young! I ask the women in our gathering to join with Kore, protect her from her rash impulses, that she may first learn the mysteries that are so vital to her well-being.

(The women Celebrants gather around Kore, and move with her past South, where they all make a gesture of acknowledgment to the SW)

(The men watch from their place in the SE)

SW Spirit: Kore! Do you feel the passions of the time?

Kore: Oh yes! Especially as I move past the south, The season's energy inflames my heart so that I long to hold my dear Kouros in my arms! Yet I cannot rid myself of these chaperones! How do I find the path to Kouros?

SW Spirit: You must go with your women elders to the land of Women's Mysteries, past the west, to where waters abide. There many secrets on the way of the world will be revealed. When you have drunk of this cup of knowledge, perhaps then the Fay will see fit to provide relief to your impassioned heart.

(Ladies surround the unwilling Kore and take Her past the West, where they all make a gesture of acknowledgment, then on across the bridge and down to the Red Tent location.) Women's Mysteries begin: This part is not printed here but can be accessed here in the 'Members only' section'; it concerns Women and that which a young woman should know to be a strong happy woman in a joyful lasting relationship.) The Salon is a 'Red Tent' environment, with carpet, pillows, scarves, Goddess statues and imagery, all in red.

(Men proceed to the SW)

Kouros: Hail Fay of the SW! Please, bless me with the knowledge I need, for I feel the passions springing forth inside of me! I sense that I must learn to guide these forces to join with my Kore!

SW Spirit: Welcome Kouros! Here you will learn many of the secrets of the wand. I and the men around you will join in the gift of this knowledge.

(Men's Mysteries begin; This part is not to be printed here but can be accessed here in the 'Members only' section: It concerns Men that which a young man should know... These Mysteries will take place in a spot decorated to evoke a Green Man Temple, with ivy, horns, Green Man statue, and animal imagery.)

(Once Women's Mysteries have been completed, drumming (or calling) will begin from their Red Tent location, to call the men.)

Priest: Hark! the women have completed their Mysteries! They are calling! When we have finished our teachings here, it will be time to join them. Yet to go to their abode, we must first cross the region of the west, where waters and tides hold sway. The timing of crossing the waters is essential for success. The women's call is a signal that the tide is now high. If when we are done here, the tide is still high, we may go to them. If not, we must wait until high tide comes again, and they call. Thus we will synchronize our selves with the rhythm of the moon. It is said that the moon has much to do with women.

(Men's Mysteries finish. When the drumming is heard again, the men accompany Kuoros toward the West.

Priest: (As they pass the West): The tide is high! Let us go to the Women!

They all cross the bridge to the Red Tent location, where the women are gathered around Kore. A male Celebrant carries leis, for Kouros.)

Kouros: (sees the group of ladies who hide Kore from His view. He approaches to a short distance away:)

I come for Kore! The time is right!

Kore: Enter Eros! and find the One I am.

Kouros (faces the ladies hovering over Kore.)

Kouros: Kore, are You here?

Kore (sings): A – O – U; A – O – U

I am here for You.

The ladies part to reveal Kore, seated, Her face shielded by coquettish fan. She slowly lowers it, giggles, and jumps up to hug Kouros. They kiss each other each cheek (or as comfortable) and exchange leis (Celebrant hands them the leis first). They turn to face the crowd, and raise their clasped hands to show their engagement.

Priestess: (announces)

Kore and Kouros, the young Goddess and God, have declared Their Engagement!

Priest: Evoe Kore! Evoe Kore!

Priestess: Evoe Kouros! Evoe Kouros!

All Celebrants cheer the joining of Kore and Kouros.

Huzzah! Huzzah! Kore and Kouros! Huzzah!

Priest: Sensual blessings of Eros upon thee.

Priestess: Magical and romantic blessings of Psyche upon thee.

Let the Holy Pair lead us back to the Festival Henge for celebration and communion.

All return to Henge accompanied by DRUM beat with rhythmic clapping. Celebrants stand while the Holy Pair sit regally in the Gazebo or in decorated chairs to the side of the Henge Circle.

The May Dance in the Ring

Priestess: Let us dedicate this day to Kore and Kouros, and to Psyche-Aphaia, and Her Landscape Love Bodies of Gardens, Fairie Palaces, Plazas, Temples, Mazes and Sculptured Landscapes…

…We also dedicate this day and season to Hermes-Eros, and to His Landscape Love Body of shores, marshes, everglades, all ecotones, all micro-organisms and decomposers and assimilators to the raw elements…


Let us dance in honor of Kore and Kouros – follow me- Adelphai and Mystai!

Men, please make a circle holding hands, facing outwards.

Ladies, please make an outer circle holding hands, facing the men.

(Celebrants in henge make a circle around the Center. Let there be formed two circles – one male in inner one, and one female in outer one. Each circle holds hands.)

Priestess -: Breathe gently, and half-Close your eyes while being aware of the polar energies before you. We are going to raise the spirits for the benefit of all creatures both tame and wild, and especially for species threatened with extinction. We will address Hermes, God of Transitions to encourage Psyche’s Loving Rapport among all beings on Orchard Island Earth.

Everyone will please dance to your right. We will start with the Round and Round song, then when I say "Alight!", then stop and face the person opposite you. The first song goes like this:

Round and round and round we go –

Where we stop we do not know.

Then we will sing the Hermes song. It goes like this:

Hermes Kokopili, the fire is getting bright!

Hermes Kokopili, Dance with us tonight!

Ok? Then we dance and do the Round and Round song again. So let's start now with the Round and Round song, until I say Alight. Let's go!

(Drumming to accompany)

Priestess starts everyone singing:

All: (Dance and sing.)

Round and round and round we go –

Where we stop we do not know. (*)

Round and round and round we go –

Where we stop we do not know.

Priestess: Alight!

All: Hermes Kokopili, the fire is getting bright!

Hermes Kokopili, Dance with us tonight!

All: (Dance and sing.)

Round and round and round we go –

Where we stop we do not know. (*)

Round and round and round we go –

Where we stop we do not know.


Priestess: Alight! Men, will you join in the outer circle now and intersperse with the women, facing inward... Everyone, focus your energies on the ground with your arms pointed downward.

All: Wilder beings – thrive and grow! Wilder beings - thrive and grow! (Repeat several more times and let the energy build)

Priestess: Now, raise your arms toward the heavens to release the energy to the whole Earth.

All: do so...

Priest: Evoe Psyche and Eros!

Priestess: Evoe Kore and Kouros!

Drummer takes up drumming softly.

Priestess(stepping into the circle): Will the Blessed Couple, Kore and Kouros, join us in the Circle. (pause, while they do so) Let us send a kiss around the circle.

She kisses person to her left, who does same, and on around the circle while all clap softly in unison to the drum.

The Aval Communion

O Drummer returns to the circle.

Priestess: Listen quietly, enjoy, and promote love feelings and intuitions everywhere throughout the World.

Priestess anoints foreheads of the Celebrants with drops of essential oil first. Rose oil is a good choice.

Priest: This scent represents the Breath of the Maiden –

Essence of Intelligence and Empathy.

Priestess from altar: Lifts incense.

Priest: This flame represents the Blood of the Maiden –

Essence of Passion and Compassion.

Priestess from altar: Lifts candle.

Priest: This fruit represents the gift of the Maiden’s Flesh -

Essence of Proportion and Beauty.

Priestess: Lifts fruit; strawberries for Beltane.

Priest: This water represents the Milk of the Maiden –

Essence of Mercy and Tenderness.

Priestess: Lifts cup of spring water.

Priest: And what is the Quintessence of the Maiden’s Soul?

The Holy Fascination of the supremely Alive and Beautiful.

Priestess: Holds up flower.

Priest: And what is the penultimate of the Maiden Spirit?

Innocent childlike love.

Priestess and Priest: Seal with kiss. Each blows kisses to the celebrants.

Priestess: And finally what is the Will of the Maiden?

This Korythalia is for life ever-lasting,

Delicacy and Joy for the unique as well as the Universal.

Priestess: Shows Korythalia in the mode of Eleusis. Soft music continues.


Priestess: On a tray she has a small bowl with strawberries and a big, beautiful glass full of virgin spring water slightly touched with herb or spice. The spring water should be obtained when the New Moon is visible. The flask in which spring water is kept must be blessed in the name of Kore. Commercially bottled Spring water may be substituted.

(Lifts up the sacred Tray): Ambrosia of trees – Quintessence of Fire and Earth –

AEonic Body of the Maiden.

By Her Love freely given and with harm to none

thine own body become.

She (or several Adelphai, if crowd is large) presents the Tray to each celebrant in the circle and delicately places a piece of fruit of season in each mouth.

Lifts up the crystal Bowl of spring water and says:

Nectar of springs, Quintessence of Air and water –

AEonic fountainhead of the Maiden.

By Her Love freely given and with harm to none,

thine own fountainhead become.

They/She presents the grail-bowl to each Celebrant, who takes it and swallows a sip.

Kore Prayer

(Recited by all celebrants together, while holding hands in the circle).

O Priestess: (guides)


Oh Nameless Maiden!

Everything that is, IS,

And everything that is not still is,

Because of Thy Certain Something

Always strangely elsewhere,

In windy resonance of vast Virgin Distances

Whispering infinitely Thy Intimate Nearness Here.


Oh Holy Maiden!

Of the Kindling Quick,

Of merging mist and mazing echo,

The innocent bounty of the trees

Bears Thy Faerie Flesh of Wildness,

Wonder, Magic, Mirth and Love.

They Beauty seals our Bridal with all Life.

The dance of Thy Green Pulse unfolds all Souls,

all Bodies and all Blessings

From Earth’s fragrant Form.

Grant us therefore the Blessings of Life Everlasting

Altogether in rapture of Love ever revealing Mysteries of Paradise

Everywhere surrounding and open to All!

Priestess: (twirls alone and sings)

Evoe Kore Kai Kouros!

Evoe Potnia Kai Potnios!

Arretos Koura!



Closing of Temple, Four Cross-Quarters and Center

Priestess (as Mageia (female Magician))

I shall now close the Temple.

The Fay Spirits of all Quarters and Cross-Quarters

Are welcome to return to their Earth Realms and Starry dimensions

Great Pan, Gentle Psyche, thank you for the blessings of your Presence.

Now go if you must, or stay if you will. Hail and farewell.

Sun Door, Sun Door, Oaken Door, bedecked with Holly, Close now upon the Day, and azure Airs, and golden Sun, and archetypal Light!

(She swings left hand from outstretched to over her breast)

Moon Door, Moon Door, Door of Alder, bound with Willow, Close now upon the Night, and fiery stars, and silver moon, and demiurgic Dark! (She swings right hand from outstretched to over her breast)

The Astral Gates of this great Temple of Love, Koreon (name of your Temple), are now closed

Till Their next revelation at Midsummer.

So mote it be.

The Aval Communion is completed, the Temple is sealed. Please notice the tingling and streaming in your body as you circle out of the Henge and make your way upstairs into the Hermetage for the Feast.

Let the Bacchanalia begin!

Evoe Kore! Evoe Kouros! Huzzah!


Priestess and Priest: They prepare the Libation - spiked fruit punch with floating fruit on top.

Everyone offers toasts to the Gods. When the toast is given each celebrant raises glass and cries in unison.

(First Toast) Oh Hail and Bless Hermes!

(Second Toast) Oh Glorify and Bless Psyche!

The feast follows with festive social encounters. Suggested music: Scandinavian, Dutch springtime folk songs and dances. Symphonic folk dances of Edvard Grieg and Anton Dvorák. Gay, spritely music. Antic, buoyant passages from Gioacchino Rossini and Amadeus Mozart’s ‘Eine Kleine Nacht Musik’; or the festive Jewish round dance, Polynesian dance music, Near eastern ‘belly dance’ music or Irish jigs. Dance: Any kind is encouraged, but belly dancing is perfect.

One or two celebrants remain in the Ring to complete an esoteric sealing. This sealing is not intended to block off the flow of Sacred Energies, but to insulate, condense and channel them, so their flow is grounded and pooling. The Ethers and the numinous afterglow must be conserved for slow continual circulation at a gentle level of intensity, assimilable by everyday consciousness. Some current and radiance must be guided into the home and the whole surrounding landscape to benefit all beings.



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