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Introduction to a Faerie Ring Ceremony


INTRODUCTION TO A FAERIE RING CEREMONY as Performed for Beltaine, 1969

by Richard Stanewick / 15 Saille FF3

Svetlana Butyrin ...for FERAFERIA / OUVRANIA DAY

LUNA 14 (Apr. 29, 1969)

This Faerie Ring Ceremony in Wilderhenge Circle celebrates the Season of Beltane, Festival of Full Flowering. In order that you may better follow the proceedings, a word of explanation:

This Circle, along with all of its members, is called a Henge. The word comes from an old Anglo-Saxon word meaning to hang. The Henge represents the entire Cosmos as hung upon this spot, this Circle and its members, and as expressed in terms of the landscape round about.

In most Henge ceremonies we ritually ingather the surrounding landforms, plus a few more distant ones, and commune with them by various means. Thus we work for the reunion of women and men with Great Nature, with each other, and with their own souls.

The Henge represents the Circle of the Sacred Year -- from Spring (point, successively) through Summer, Autumn, Winter, and back again to Spring.

The Henge also represents the Circle of the Sacred Day -- from Morning (again point) through Noon, Evening, Night, and back again to Morning. As Morning is to the Day, so Spring is to the Year; Noon, Summer; and so on.

The boundary path of the Circle becomes the Earth Horizon as one stands in the Center and looks off in any direction. Moon and Sun rise and set at definite points on the Earth Horizon, depending on the time of Year.

The Four Menhirs (markers, generally of wood or stone) with wreaths establish the rising and setting points on the Earth Horizon for both Full Moon and Sun at the time of the Solstices. Example: at the Summer Solstice, Midsummer Day, longest Day of the Year, the Sun rises over the earth Horizon where that line intersects the boundary path of the Circle. The Full Moon nearest the Summer Solstice, however, rises over the Earth Horizon where that line intersects the boundary path of the Circle. Thus in their risings and settings do the Moon and Sun dance back and forth along the Earth Horizon.

On then with the Faerie Ring Ceremony of Beltane. It begins with the TOPOCOSMIC MAZE DANCE of Full Moon and Sun, one position of which has just been described. During this Dance, the living presences of the landforms, of the biomes, and of the Menhirs are evoked to participate with us in this Seasonal Celebration of the Royal Passion of Full Flowering, second of the Nine Royal Passions of the Sacred Land Sky Love Year.




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