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Lammas 2021 - Ode to Aphrodite and Adonis


We celebrated Lammas (Lugnasadh) in our back yard Henge again! We have been hesitant because of Covid, but finally everyone felt safe enough - especially as it was an outdoor event. We called in Aphrodite and Adonis, after wonderful Odes to each. Thank you to Macha, Chris, Susan, Jeffrey, and everyone who spoke, and who sang and danced with us. Aphrodite appeared! Lovely Patricia channeled her for us, and gave everyone their own special Blessing.

As always for those who have brought Aphrodite to us, now Pat doesn't recall a word she said! It is a deep experience to bring the presence of the Goddess to a Rite.

We had spring water from Mount Shasta that we sprinkled on everyone.

Jo led the festivities.

Our apple trees and pear tree are leaden with fruit. As the rite says,

"Let us make an allegiance to the flowering fruit tree, the horticultural basis for creating a sustainable society....for Fruit is the serpent-entwined Staff of Life - the Caduceus of fleet-footed Hermes, Healer and Guide of the Dead - who leads us to Transformation where we may re-enter the abode of beautiful Aphrodite. Evoe Aphrodite!"


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