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Faerie Charm - Wildercharm


A faerie charm or Wildercharm is a reservoir of magical power, blessed by its maker during its manufacture. The Wildercharm is assembled from bits and pieces of wilderness that particularly charm us, that seem to enshrine the essence of the landscape and/or the biome. Glue, bind, tie, carve, paint, and so on, pieces of wood, stone, leaf, bud, twig, flower, fruit, and similar, that discover you as you wayfare in nature.

When you have made and blessed such a charm - it may be no more than a leaf inscribed with some seasonal phrase of blessing - you may hang it from some impressive tree, bush, or rock; then invoke the archetypal landscape divinities to enter it by dancing and chanting about this new focus of Land Love Mystery. Or hang it in your garden as a friendly presence, a focus of that landscape and mystery. Or give it to a friend to hang in her or his garden.

Get out into wilderness - or as close to it as you can get - at least once a week, and nourish and strengthen your sense of kinship with nature.

"It is very difficult for urban people to resume those ancient, mythological ways of thinking and feeling that interpret the whole world as a living body, and the living body as a whole world. But also, it is of the greatest importance for people to regain this sense of awe." ...Fred Adams


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