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Feraferia Assignments from Fred


Among Fred Adams' thousands of papers, I just unearthed his charming and useful set of "assignments."...Jo

For Everyone

July 17, 1967 Monday

1. Daily evocations and supplications for Feraferia - especially at night when going to sleep, in the hypnagogic time. Concentrate on imagery of paradisal sanctuary and memorize the parts.

2. Maintain two journals: One as a personal magical Diary of all pertinent dreams, fantasies, ideas, creations, intuitions, suggestions and facts. The second one to be a Diary of ones special Feraferian Researches.

Simple composition books are adequate. Bless the books and mark them with the Phytala on the front. Number the pages, and date the entries with the day of the month and the day of the week. Enter acts, words and evocations to be memorized, such as the words for Opening and Closing the Temple.

3. Practice the rituals, spiritual disciplines, etc., and your special research assignments.

4. Establish a shrine, with the Goddess, the God, and Korythalia (a small, balanced and beautiful leafy branch) which provides the Tree Agathos Daimon. Dress the shrine with produce of the region and the season.

5. Make rituals of daily living to relate daily living to faerie feeling and paradisal aims. Recount these in your Journal.

6. Consecrate your living space and make it Paradisal. Have incense, at least five candlesticks, an aspergillum or brush, bells, different colored cloths for instant altar coverings, etc. on hand for spontaneous rituals and blessings. Start with blessing your Self and your loved ones (whether they are near or far)!


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