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Review by Fred Adams, "The White Goddess"


Robert Graves' "The White Goddess" is a work of inestimable importance. Its main concern is the linkages between sidereal, botanical and zoological phenomena in a mythopoeic rendition of the circle of the year. Mythological because, as such, the grand annual cycle clues the human psyche to its own progressive integration in relation to nature.

This (linkage) was the master work of European pre-history. It was epitomized in various cognate calendar-alphabets. These serve as mnemonic devices: 1) for ceremonial and celebrational self-inclusion in the annual round by the human psycho-some (symbolically "instincto-fugal"); 2) for actuating and organizing poetic inspiration in keeping with nature - so all human responses remain in keeping with nature.

The basic system Graves divines could be applied to any region (in the sense of Louis Mumford) to develop a community mode of communion with that region. (Gaster's topocosm)" .....Fred Adams, June 20, 1966


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