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Roots of Feraferia


Where did Fred get his ideas?

(from an interview with Jo Carson, about Fred Adams, founder of Feraferia)

Fred was a prolific reader, but he also had many visions and direct inspirations of his own. He often wrote of them in the margins of the books he was reading, as well as his own writings. Fred was a student of the classics of antiquity.

He felt especially drawn to the Eleusinian Mysteries of the Mother and the Daughter, Demeter and Persephone. He always said those rites were the main rootstock of Feraferia, and that reading about them gave him an experience of deja vu. The astonishing thing about the religion of Eleusis was that it lasted for almost 2000 years, yet no one ever revealed the essential nature of the experience the initiates had. Some said that it could not be revealed, because it was beyond words - it was described as ineffable. However initiates did not fear death after their experience, so there was apparently something there which assured them of ongoing life, or reincarnation.

Fred studied ethnology from around the world, and kept up a correspondence with many other interesting people, such as Robert Graves, author of "The White Goddess", Anais Nin, Max Freedom Long, and Tim Leary. We have a list of the recommended books of Feraferia - the ones that are most important to the Feraferian vision - under Essential Texts.


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