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Frederick MacLauren Adams

Feraferia is a mystery religion and a repository of the Eleusinian tradition. Eleusis (see Persephone Changes the Worlds, under Knowledge tab) provides the main channel for the stream of consciousness that has produced Feraferia and is still nourishing Her. Feraferia is a new mutation, not an archaeological reconstruction, a new and still developing branch from the oldest and deepest rootstock of natural religion.

Behind Eleusis, of course, is Minoan Crete. Minoan culture and religion comprise the source field from which our stream of consciousness is re-emerging, and the focus of that field is the Eleusinian Sanctuary and its Mysteries.

Beyond these, Feraferia draws from the whole megalithic cultural horizon, which is worldwide. Because of a phenomenon of folklore known as "the archaism of the fringe", many of the basic or more (unchanged/original) rudimentary elements are better represented in ancient British tradition, because the British Isles are a fringe area. So Feraferia obtains Her megalithic Faerie heritage mainly from the British sphere, whereas the more elaborated mystery elements are drawn from Eleusis and other Aegean Mystery sites, and from the beautiful Minoan sphere of ancient Crete.

The topmost image, a marble bas-relief from Eleusis, shows Demeter revealing the secrets of agriculture to Triptolemos, as a gift to humanity after she had been joyfully reunited with her lost daughter Persephone (right). ca. 440 - 430 BCE.

Directly above is a part of "Minoan Gardens", by Fred Adams, revealing the exuberance and playfulness Fred saw in this ancient culture; a prototype of the kind of paradise he envisioned for the future.

Lively Minoan fresco from palace-temple at Knossos, Crete, ca. 1450 BCE


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