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A Faery Faith


Dance of Life in the Faerie Rings

The application of living poetry, the religion of sacred courtship, is Magic. Magic furthers the fusion of nature within with nature without. Magic is the enchantment of the world into Faerieland. Our spiritual efforts will be world transformative rather than world transcendent. We value the unique as dearly as the universal. They will be regarded as co-eternal.

The Faerie Faith nimbly knits life together on both sides of death. Faeriecraft spellbinds subsistence, creativity and play into one stitchery on the great loom of wild nature. Faerie Faith spins out the spritely spirituality which affirms that humanity can merrily fulfill itself within the charmed realm of Nature.

The Artemisian religion of Feraferia will develop the motif of courtship as central to the articulation of all myth and sacrament. The love-play-dance between the Goddess of Life (eternity) and the God of the Year (progressivity) supplies the metaphorical dynamic of continual cosmic recreation. This basic evocational notion will be elaborated most intensively in terms of the life cycles of the great trees. By the agency of human clairvoyance, the Goddess and the God breed tutelary, indwelling spirits for all nature’s processes and features. These are the Godlings, or Elfin Leagues of the Secret Commonwealth. Feraferia polarizes the Goddess and the God about the ethno-cultic center of the feminine mysteries. This allows the Moon Muse Goddess unquestionable primacy in all matters of motivation, evaluation and judgment of human enterprise, as advised by Robert Graves (author of The White Goddess). The Moon Muse is, archetypally, our only trustworthy guarantee against the crash-course which recent civilization compulsively pursues.

Feraferia derives rites of human passage and initiation from Her seasonal festivals. This is because the forms of seasonal celebration can fuse the particulars of region with the universalities of cosmos in the human soul, thus rooting her imaginatively in nature. There are Nine Royal Passions of The Year. Principally, they identify the human generative cycle with the metamorphoses of flowering fruit trees, and with the phases of the sun and the moon.

Paradise is the ageless mythic mirror of humanity's truly natural abode. Faerieland represents the structural synthesis of humanity's inner wish nature with uncompromised wilderness nature. The garden grove pan-erotic playground, which is the environmental prototype of man’s innate releasers, may be called Temenos Hesperides. A certain kind of temperate landscape may become for humanity, as for other strands of life, home, livelihood, playground and temple, all in one.

Come, let us rejoin the dance of life in the faerie rings of the secret commonwealth, and celebrate the endless Marriage Feast of Earth.


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