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Tending the Faerie Ring Henge


An outdoor circle, a henge centered on an omphalos (meaning navel and center - yet somehow the word is also inclusively sexual) often gets weeds, and they need trimming to reveal the beauty of the circle. And it seems to please the Faeries (and the Goddess/Gods) or at least me, that I take on the role of Temple Caretaker once in a while. We know the Fay love beauty. After all, the Henge is a dance floor for the Fay!

I felt compelled to tend the henge. A light had gone out, a light that I felt connected to. Nothing much else was soothing just then, but this felt right, quietly trimming the weeds by hand. Each menhir goes out in a direction, like a ray, pointing to and gathering in the more distant sacred places—and it connected me to those places. I felt I was at the center of all things, and balanced. At least there I could do Some Thing, and see the beauty that resulted.

As one looks further afield, perhaps a little wildness can take over, seamlessly. If there is space for at least a small corner of wildness in your yard, seeded at first with native plants, the Fay will generally tend to linger there when not dancing (or otherwise partying etc.) in the Circle. It is fun to post a sign by your little unkempt corner saying "Faeries Welcome Here" or "Wildlife Habitat" if you are feeling more conservative. As the National Wildlife Federation notes, providing food, water and cover are the basics for encouraging wildlife; here's their cool link.

Post script: The Fay famously dislike iron and steel since those are hard and used as implements of war and destruction, but they love silver, copper and, of course gold, since these are too soft for war and lend themselves to objects of beauty. A low tech approach to tending is in line with Faerie energy. If you can manage to avoid machines and tend by hand, like with hand clippers, that will work best. Even though the likelihood of tending with silver or copper clippers is slim! We do what we can...


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