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Twin Maidens

Lifeways of Feraferia

A Historic Vision by Frederick Adams - April 25,1967

Celebration quickens, and evocation ensouls wild Nature as the eternal paradise of all Souls. Wilderness is the magical melt and interweave of all bodies on both sides of the reincarnational "membrane" of death. Spirit and flesh are made one.

Food tree economy is becoming the basis of community, as opposed to agriculture, pastoralism, and metallurgy, which are wasteful of soil, soul, time and tissue. The Great Sacred Groves and stone adjuncts form temple, academy, larder, astro-computer, and home all in one. No property, proprietorship or propriety. No law, no money and no un-imaginative toil whatsoever, all of which are root social crimes. Organic gardening.

AHIMSA, or Reverence for ALL Life, (which implies for humanity, a fruitarian diet.) The fruit of trees is the only food consistent with the paradisal creed of poetic vision. This acknowledges the titanic miracle of the Cenozoic Revolution. That is the fact that mammals and flowering fruit trees (the Dicotyledons especially) have accomplished between them the ineffable magic of extending their flesh as food for other flesh without disruption or destruction of their bodies. The fruit and the breast, evolving simultaneously, present the greatest dispensation of love in the history of the world.

Fruits, nuts, legumes and berries are the only foods Mother Earth freelybody of our bodies, the integrity of which should not be violated. We must live by, for and in The Great Queendom of The Trees in order to find the Muse Way. Uncultivated fruits and seeds, and some leaves and stalks from the wild woods provide the Eucharist of our sacraments. It is man's nature-assigned destiny to form a Ring of Enchantment with the flowering fruit trees, and actualize fully the psychic import of the breast-fruit revolution of our present geological era, the Cenozoic.


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