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About "Dancing With Gaia"


Can you tell us what this film is about?

"Dancing With Gaia" is about connecting to earth energy, sacred sexuality and the goddess as Gaia. I found fifteen visionaries who offer some of their most profound insights on how to do this. The goal is to show ways to experience this connection with Earth and wild nature directly, as part of your own body. By moving earth energy currents up through us, sexuality can also be a way to consciously experience the life force of the Earth.

Psychology and many religious and esoteric traditions describe three aspects of the self, such as the lower, middle and upper self, the subconscious, conscious, and super conscious, the three burners of traditional Chinese medicine, and so on. The goal is to get all three in harmony. Huna tradition teaches that we have to go through the lower self to talk to God/Goddess. Francesca DeGrandis discusses this in the film.

Fred Adams developed group workings such as the Ground Star ritual and Landscape Dancing, as ways to get the connection with earth energy charged up and alive. We also explain Chi Gung approaches to moving energy with a partner using sacred sexuality.

There are many other techniques, such as dream work and henge building. I traveled to nine countries in Europe and the Mideast as well a all over the US; I wanted to film ancient sacred centers where Earth was worshiped as sacred. I made it as a pilgrimage in order to share this important wisdom and vision with others.