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Experiences, On Location for "Dancing With Gaia"


Did you have profound experiences at the sacred sites?

In Mnaijdra, which I described in Dancing With Gaia and in Leila Castle's book, "Earthwalking Skydancers: Womens Pilgrimages to Sacred Places"; I had a profound experience of connection with people who worshiped there over 5000 years ago. Just being there, alone, lying in the sun on a huge, ancient carved stone.

And in the ruins of a very ancient temple to Demeter and Persephone in Western Turkey, at a place called Priene, where I had a chance to meditate and visualize how it was used and how it felt, about 3,300 years ago. It was the first temple built in the area, and served to anchor the city built around it on the hill. It is one of the rare temples we still have to honor the Mother/Daughter relationship.