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Visionaries in "Dancing With Gaia"


Who were some of the amazing or phenomenal people you met while shooting the film?

I interviewed fifteen visionaries, including of course Fred Adams. And also artist Monica Sjoo, who has quite a following. There was teacher Francesca De Grandis, in the Feri faith, and artist/poet Jill Smith, in her island home near the coast of Scotland, and geomancer/writer Richard Feather Anderson. There was teacher Serena Roney-Dougal Ph D, she has written several books too, and teacher and priestess Cerridwen Fallingstar, also an author, and priestess Kathy Jones who founded the Glastonbury Goddess Festival, and geomancer Alex Champion and author Joan Marler.

They are all people who have a following of their own, and they are all charismatic in some ways. I found the writer and artist Monica Sjoo almost frightening, she was so powerful in her feminist righteousness, but she revealed some of the most amazing mysteries of Wales to me, like up at Pentre Ifan. Pentre Ifan is a Neolithic dolmen which was called the "womb of Cerridwen", a place from which initiates could pass into the otherworld, or at least into a dark chamber "within" the dolmen. Faery folk have been seen dancing around the stones. I have video of Monica meditating in the dolmen in Dancing With Gaia, with the rain coming down around us. It was a magical moment. And Monica felt like an unstoppable force, herself. But sadly, she passed away in 2005.