Watch Now: Why Faerie is Important-Presentation for Cherry Hill Seminary


Why Faerie is Important...Recording now available on YouTube:

Jo Carson and Cherry Hill Seminary Executive Director Holli Emore discuss the significance of Faerie awareness in our daily lives. Using an array of art and photos, Jo will delve into the history and importance of this topic.

Pagan priestess Jo Carson seeks to create positive visions of the future through Feraferia, A Love Culture for Wilderness. She is Chair of the Board of Feraferia, which she joined in 1972. With a Masters' Degree in film production from UCLA, Jo has done camera work on numerous feature films. She also directed and produced the documentary feature Dancing With Gaia: Earth Energy, Sacred Sexuality and the Return of the Goddess, plus the documentary shorts A Dance for the Goddess, about Feraferian rites, and Himalayan Pilgrimage: A Visionary Journey. She authored Celebrate Wildness: Magic, Mirth and Love on the Feraferian Path, which is an artistic introduction to Feraferia. She is currently working on a Feraferian Tarot deck and an associated book. Through her work, Jo seeks to inspire a deeper connection to the natural world and a greater sense of wonder and magic in everyday life.



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