A Ley Line in California


James Ordonez, then a chiropractor-in-training, created multi-layer "Orgone Pyramids" to place at five key points along Feraferia's newly discovered energy line on the California Coast. Around 1975, Feraferia members including Fred, James and Ellen Ordonez, and Bill Holmes buried these at each point with prayers, ceremony, and blessings. James may have seen the placing of these energized, copper-covered pyramids as similar to carefully placing acupressure needles along a human energy meridian.

Fred later wrote: "During ceremony, the ley line Feraferia had previously extended and blessed from Punta Banda in Baja California, to Point Lobos in Alta California, which defines the geodetic angle of the Pacific coast for this segment of the Land of Queen Califia, was re-consecrated as the Shandaiya Track." Shandaya was the magical name of a young Feraferia initiate who was an accomplished geomancer, and who transitioned from earthly life in the waves of the Pacific off the coast of Santa Cruz, on Sept. 22, 1977 CE, less than four hours from the very point of the equinox.

"...Shandaiya was keenly aware of the need to apply projective geometry and topology to topography, in order to conceptualize the magical anatomy of living Topocosms (Theodore Gaster, Thespis), the angelic intelligence of land sky love bodies, which unfolded Psyche from sensuously precise celestial proportions of infolded and overfolded space. For instance, the ley is really not an Euclidean ruler-edge for at least three good reasons: the curvature of space (locally irrelevant); the curvature of the Earth; and the ridges and channels of the planetary crust. On a straight track, we can only aver the points are in a single, locally uncurved plane passing thru the center of the Earth. Hence, we have a cross-section which reveals a living profile of land contours. Now which, if any, of these melodious profiles, were preferred? How do landmarks on either side of the ley change and succeed each other, as an observer travels along it? Only a creative transcription of topography into topology, including projections among the complex angular planes of stellar transits, can finally provide some delicate discernment of the ourathonic hologram."

Local Native American place-names were included where known in Fred's hand-drawn map below:


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