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hi Help for those interested

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Hi I'm really new here. My name
Yitzhak and I are 27 years old.
I would love to receive guidance on how to learn more about this faith and religion .... Thank you very much

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Our book, "Celebrate Wildness: Magic, Mirth and Love on the Feraferia Path" covers most of what you need to know about Feraferia to get started. It is also full of Fred Adams' evocative Goddess art! It includes a self-initiation, if you feel called to do it.
"Dancing With Gaia: Earth Energy, Sacred Sexuality, and the Return of the Goddess" is a feature length documentary DVD and accompanying booklet, inspired by Feraferia, with interviews with our founder Fred Adams, plus fourteen other visionaries. Both are available through this website; see the "Tools" tab, then go to "Books," or the "Dancing With Gaia" tab, which takes you to our website for that. If you read and view these two items, you will have an excellent grounding in Feraferia. Please drop a line and let us know if you need more info or have questions! We are happy to help.