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The Sacred Year Ceremony



This Ritual was written by Fred in 1969...             


The Love Round of The Sacred Year in the North Temperate Zone

LUNA 10/ Saille 11/ FF 3

4/ 25/ 69



A)   Consecrate The Ring with Earth (sand & duff), Air (trumpet), Fire (censer) and Water (ocean). Salute the landforms about the Henge.

B)   At East Gate: Open the Henge (Declare that the Astral Precincts of this Wilderhenge Circle are now open.)  Do the sign of the Phytala (trace it with your hands in the air).

C)  Intone Scroll of the Day (aspects & divinities of each day of the week, to be posted separately), then “Oh Holy Maiden Chant“ (under "Enchantments")

D)   Perform Topocosmic Maze Dance of the Full Moon and the Sun (a mime dance of the annual patterns of these two bodies as seen from Earth):

1) Moon : “I am the Full Moon of Ostara, the Beginning of Spring.“

Sun :  “Sayeth The Sun: I am the New Sun of Spring, risen from the old Eastern Crescent.  Oh Moon Unveil (& light) the menhir of Ostara in the East. Open the feast of rising sap and bare buds. On this Turquoise Ray, lead in the... (space for calling in/describing astral/vistas of regional land forms and biomes)."

2)  Moon; “I am the full moon of Beltaine, the high tide of Spring!”

Sun; “Sayeth the sun; Oh Moon, ravishing nymph, unveil (& light) the menhir of Beltine in the southeast. Open the feast of full flowering (the feast of the present season).  On this pale green ray lead in the (as above, describe astral/vistas of regional land forms and biomes).

3)  Faerie of the Summer Solstice Sunset portal; “I am the faerie of the summer Solstice sunset portal, for the south lands of Califia. Through my western gates of perfumed twilight, Lord Sun dips down beneath the horizon on the eve of mid summer the longest day of the year.”

Sun; “I travel under the earth toward the eastern gate of summer sun rise.”

4) Faerie of the Summer Solstice Sunrise portal; “I am the faerie of the summer Solstice sunrise portal. Through my chirruping eastern gates of dawn, the Lord Sun rises in splendor on mid summer morning.  Evoe Kouros!  Awiya!”

5) Moon; “I am the Lady Moon under the Earth at high noon, Mid-summer. This marks the commencement of Summer.“

Sun; “I am the Sun triumphant on His high north, noon Zenith Throne, Mid-summers' Day. Oh moon, unveil (& light) the menhir of Mid-summer in the South. Open the feast of Sacred Marriage and completed Pollination. On this deep green ray, lead in the (describe, as above)…””

6)             Faerie of Summer Solstice Sunset portal: “The Sun once more slips through my Western gates of fire-fly twilight to end the first day of Summer, the longest day of the year”.

7)             Moon: “I am the Full Moon of Lughnasad (Lóo-Nah-sah), The High Tide of Summer.

Sun: “Sayeth the Sun: Oh Moon, unveil (& Light) the Menhir of Lughasadh in the South West. Open the Feast of Fruiting. On this yellow green Ray, lead in… “

8)             Moon: “I am the Full Moon of Harvest Home, the Silver Crescented Evening of Autumn. My Daughter, the Magic Maiden is the New Moon of Wilderness Love.”

Sun: “Sayeth the Sun: Oh Moon, swollen to resplendent fullness from the Maiden Crescent, unveil (& Light) the Menhir of Harvest Home in the West. Open the Feast of Vintage and Home Coming. On this Golden Ochre Ray, lead in the….”

9)             Moon: “I am the Full Moon, waning toward Mystic Darkness, of Sow-Ann, of Holloween, The High Tide of Autumn.”

Sun: “Sayeth the Sun, I am the Black Sun of Autumn’s Rootways. Oh Moon, unveil (& Light) the Menhir of Sow-ahn in the North West. Open the Feast of Soil and Souls. On this Umbral Orange Ray, lead in the….”

10)         Moon: “I am the dark Moon of Thrice Great Hecate.”

Sun: “Sayeth the Sun: Now I sleep in the Black Goddess Body of the Starry Wheel. Mother of All. Oh Moon, unveil (and Light) the Menhir of Thanksgiving and Repose. Open the Feast of The Cosmic Knot. On this Black Ray, ingather all the Rays of our Land Sky Love Body.”

11)         Faerie of the Portal of Winter Solstice Sunset: “I am the Faerie of the Winter Solstice Sunset Portal, for the Southlands of Califia (insert your own Biome here). Through my Western gates of frosty half-lights, the Lord Sun drops down into the Longest night of the Year. His Night-time Voyage beneath the Sea bears Him toward Rebirth.”

12)         Moon: Ï am the Full Moon, Zenith High North, Yule Midnight. Here I am the Enthroned and Supreme Queen of Spiral Castle, at the beginning of Winter.”

Sun: “I am the Enwombed Sun under the Earth, on Yule Midnight. Oh Lady Moon! Unveil (and light) the North Star Menhir of Yule. Open the Feast of Primal Cosmic Urging. On this White Ray lead in….”

13)         Faerie of Winter Solstice Sunrise Portal: “As Lady Moon of Yule sets in the West, Lord Sun rises low South through my cold White gates in the East, to ignite the shortest day of the Year.”

14)         Faerie of the Winter Solstice Sunset Portal: “The Lord Sun sets thru my dim, wet gates once more, to close Yule Day Festivals. His setting was nudged a wee fraction North of yesterday’s descent… Lady Moon leads him once more toward Spring’s Rebirth.”

15)         Moon: I am the Hungry Full Moon of Oimelc, the High Tide of Winter.

Sun: “Sayeth the Sun, Oh Moon, Unveil (and Light) the Menhir of Oimelc in the Northeast. Open the Feast of  enscaled buds and thawing snows, the volcanic Festival of Primal Openings.”

End:             Moon and Sun: “Now we have completed The Love Round of The Sacred Year in the North Temperate Zone. Once more we are returned to Ostara on the Equinodial Line, The True Vernal Beginning of NATURE’S YEAR IN HOLY EARTH!!!



AWIYA ! ! !


Fred Adams, Svetlana Butyrin, and Feraferia, Fall Equinox Rite, 1973




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