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The Magick and Mysteries of Springtime - Beltaine!

This Thursday April 26th, 2018 the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon, joined by Lady Jo Carson, will preview the Feraferian Beltane festival, coming to Rivendell in Silverado on the evening of April 28th, 2018. As most of us are aware, Feraferia was founded in 1967 by the late Frederick Adams and his partner, Lady Svetlana. Feraferia is America's original Goddess worshiping and Nature nurturing Neo-Pagan Earth-Religion, presently led by Lady Jo Carson. Jo will be our guest and explain the significance and romance of the Beltane Rite: The "Magick and Mysteries of Springtime." This is the story of the progress of the Goddess through the Wheel of the Sacred Year. Beltane is the time when the young Goddess Kore, heart of the Earth, and her consort Kouros fall in love, flirt and announce their engagement. But before jumping in to marriage they need wisdom and advice, so everyone will separate for the Women's and Men's Mysteries. Then we will gather to dance and charge up a talisman which folks will take home. An Aval Communion tops off the ceremony. So if you want to hear more about this ancient rite and what it means, tune in and we will enlighten you. You can visit the Fifi website at feraferia.org , and if you are nearby, try to make it to Rivendell this Saturday evening.



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