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Jo Carson to discuss Feraferia on The Hermetic Hour

Tonight,  June 29, 20178 - 9pm PST, I will be on Carroll Poke Runyon's radio show; the program will focus on 'Assumption of Goddess/God Form,' and I will talk about the Feraferia approach. I hope you tune in! Here is the blurb:

On Thursday June 29th, 2017 the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon will present a symposium on the topic of Assumption of God and Goddess Forms in magical ceremonies. Call in guests will include Frater Heracles John Sheffield whose new rituals and articles suggested the topic, Soror Urania Ann Finnin whose Celtic Church, the Roebuck, has been doing these operations for years, Soror Ariel Jo Carson of Feraferia who will be presenting a Lamas Rite at Rivendell in August, and Frater Isa of Ubar Hermitage in Dallas, so if you would like to attend this meeting of the minds on the subject of being God and Goddess-like, tune in and we shall bring the heavens down to Earth.

All of the shows on this program are usually available for listening starting about 2 weeks after initial broadcast; so if you miss it live, just check back!

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