The Orders of the Silver Boar and the Golden Bull protect the Witch Queen of Wildness! CREAG AN TUIRC!


“The Silver Boar is a defensive totem of the Night Side of Nature.  He guards the threshold to the Moon Sphere.  In Malekula, for instance, the curved boar’s tusks gleaming from either side of its dark mouth are said to symbolize the waxing and waning moon, a piece of imagery far from fanciful to anyone who has met such a boar at dusk, when its dark body sinks into the general blackness and nothing is to be seen but the tusks reflecting every atom of light.”  (From John Layard’s Boar Mythology, Journal of Analytical Psychology, Vol. I-1, 1955.)  When Eleusis, the site of Kore’s Mysteries, minted its own coinage, the image of the pig was stamped on it as the emblem of Earth initiation.

The Golden Bull is the defensive totem of the Sun Sphere.  He bears the ascending Sun of Spring just as the Silver Boar carries the Full Moon north along the solstitial colure in Autumn.

The Witch Queen of Wildness is the Divine Lady of all Wild Life.  Those Pagani who wish to defend her in the coming Battle of the Trees (Cath Goddeu), the ecological Armageddon of our time, may serve under banner of Silver Boar or Golden Bull as his or her own Faerie Flame so inclines.

The “Eco-Tactics” of the Silver Boar would include:  1) Re-forestation, emphasizing at first the propagation and transplanting of Moon-Magical, smog-eating Poplars and Willows.  2) Eco-Satire and surrealistic street theater; Harpo Marxist activities relating to ecologic atrocities.  These forays should be whimsical, like maenadic throngs of the young overpowering the operator of a bulldozer with tickles, kisses, and caramel-coated obscenities.  3) Arts, crafts, and Magics to foster the Nymph’s new erotic mystique of Wilderness, which comprises MUCH more than the environmentalist’s practice of “controlling pollution” and “managing wildlife.”

The Pagan “Eco-Tactics” of the Golden Bull would include: 1) Filing injunctions and initiating legislation to rescue endangered landscapes and species.  2) Discursive, analytical communication of causes and effects of the population explosion and pollution holocaust.  3)  Eco-systemic clean-up campaigns; erosion control measures.

“Creag An Tuirc” means “The Boar’s Rock.”  It is the rallying cry of the Scottish clan MacLaren (“Offspring of the Laurel Tree”).  This suggests a rough-hewn menhir or monolith, the phallic heart of which may hallucinate into the rugged features of the redoubtable guardian of the Tanglewood.  The Celtic king Tuis was a Boar-Seer.  The blossoming chariot of the Teutonic Love Goddess, Frey, was drawn by the venerable boars Gullenbursti and Slidrugtanni.  CREAG AN TUIRC!  LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!                ....FCMA


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