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Lammas Rite on The Hermetic Hour, Aug 7, 2014 8PM PST


Here is the show description; you can listen to it live or later by clicking on the link at the bottom:

On Thursday, August 7th, 2014 (8 - 9pm PST) the Hermetic Hour, with host Poke Runyon, will present a report on the August 2nd Feraferian Lugnasad (Lamas) ceremony that Soror Zandria and Frater Thabion attended as guests of Lady Jo Carson, Avatrix of Feraferia, and her husband John presented at their woodland-surrounded home north of San Francisco, California. The Lugnasad ceremony is described in Fred Adams' "Nine Royal Passions of the Year" as: "The Festival of Fruiting and Beginning of Harvest. The meanderings of the Honeymoon as fruits in scented groves ripen, the breasts of the Goddess swell." Our special guest will be Lady Jo herself who will give us a more profound and intimate description of the event in its idyllic forest setting. Feraferia is the oldest, most elegant and sublime expression of American Neo-Pagan, Goddess centered nature religion. If you are new to this tradition, or if you are already attuned to its enchantment, be sure to join us.



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