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Feraferia Celebrates Beltane at Rivendell, 2013

We had a beautiful Beltane celebration at Rivendell in the canyons of the Cleveland National Forest on May 11th. We started in the twilight with crossing the bridge above the stream to enter the world of the Fay.
We called in the faery spirits of the specific places in the 8 directions around us, called and honored Eros-Hermes and Psyche, and we helped Kore and Kouros find each other - but each had to experience their Mysteries first. We took Kore off to the Women's Mysteries and Kouros off to the Men's Mysteries to prepare them for their engagement.  When they were ready, the women called the men with music, song and voices - the men came, bringing Kouros, and the happy couple, the young Goddess and God of Springtime, announced their engagement - we danced in their honor and imbibed the sacred elements.  Then there was the feast, with lots of food and dancing till the wee hours... You can read the script if you like, here:  Beltane Script With many thanks to the Church of Hermetic Sciences which kindly hosted this magical event.  (photos: above, the creek-side Sanctuary of the Women's Mysteries; below, Sanctuary of the Men's Mysteries; both by Jo Carson)

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